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New Religion and Racsim: (Unedited): 21 Jan 2016:

This was my response on a story in the Huffington post.  Under HuffPost Religion:
It seems I'm no longer allowed to reply to this story. I guess my arguments are to offensive to those who have superior educations. Maybe it is my arguments on the races of humanity which cannot be argued. Or in some way I'm unable to reply due to a standard error (OE). Which means Operator Error that would be me.
The writing below has be edited a little bit. Some minor content has been added.
To start a new religion where the focus is actually following what those ancient people of wisdom taught. From Jesus Christ all the way to the Dali Lama. The religions of today do not seem to teach or follow those original teachings. For instance many writers and people hate Jesus? Why? It is most likely because of the modern day Christian and what they represent today. Jesus Christ taught to love one another, be of service to all and to deny yourself. Jesus Christ was homeless and continually gave away everything given to him and his followers. Yet, many people hate Jesus and they hated him back then. That is why he was murdered. We (Americans) Just had and celebrated Dr. Martin Luther King holiday. He was murdered. Mahatma Gandhi was also killed. Even Malcolm X who seemed to have an awakening to the truth was killed because of it. It seems like the true great men of peace are killed by the world.
A new religion should focus on the focused path of this incomplete and poorly arranged mathematical formula ((Righteousness) Life = Love + Peace + Harmony + Law (Holiness) ). This is the path of righteousness and holiness. The denial of self and of the world while at the same time living with yourself and living in the world. This not mean to become a part of the world systems. For even the world systems has it's own Mathematical formula ((Demonic) Death = Hate + War/Conflict + Chaos + Lawlessness (Evil)). This is the path to the demonic and evil. Which is led by those god like beings (Fallen Angels, Bad aliens or the Jinn, satan. lucifer) who once enslaved all of humanity and had done terrible things to our ancestors.
As you can see by the above explanation in simple mathematical terms. A person who is genuine in righteousness cannot be of use in any aspect of the world system. Which includes military service, crime or anything which may cause any kind of harm or suffering to anyone. The evil world systems and men who are influenced by the world and by those evil beings who lead it. Can and has used religions historically. The evil of the Catholic Crusades for instance. The Jihad of the peaceful religion of Islam. The wealth acquiring and loveless Christian churches in which they help their local communities as minimally as possible. The harmonious Asian religions which seem to have become chaotic. The tribal peoples which seem to have the wisdom of life are becoming nearly extinct. Lawlessness/sin has become infused into religions as a right and freedom.

The lies and deceptions are also used in religions as well as in the rest of the world systems. Such as the races of humanity. When the ancient holy texts prove that we are all of one relation/family/race of human beings. We are one race not many. In this modern area science has proven we are all one species of humanity as proven by DNA Profiling of 1985. In which about 99% of the DNA information is discarded and the other 1% is used in International law to prove innocence or secure conviction. Why is the other 99% discarded? That is the big open secret. In 2003 The Human Genome Project was completed. In which it was further discovered that more than 99.9% of all of our DNA is identical. Let that sink in. Which means we are all genetic brothers and sisters to one another. I guess the ancient native American elders and shaman were correct. I guess Jesus Christ the first anti-racist was also correct.
If skin coloring still bothers you beyond the absolute proofs listed above which cannot be argued. Then you need to study the human skin. The human skin is just an organ of the human body. It has many critical functions as well as minor functions. One of the minor functions is the creation of melanin which darkens or lightens the skin tone in relation to contact with the sun. If you lose one of the critical functions of the skin. You will most likely die. If you lose a minor function like skin coloring you will be uncomfortable in the sun light as well as experience social ridicule. Now think about this. The liver is an organ. My genetic disposition prevents me from consuming alcohol. So why has humanity not created races further separating those who can drink alcohol heavily from those who cannot? This would be just as different as skin tones/coloring. Or the differences of nose, eye and ear shapes. or the difference of hair coloring. Yet, still a valid and reasonable argument.

The prophecies state there will be a new one world religion and a new one world government. In which no one and no power on Earth can stand and war with it. Led by evil men and all of humanity will eventually perish. Except for those surviving righteous and holy ones as seen and judged by God, Allah, Grandfather or however you express a word or name for the only God. The one I refer to is the God of Abraham, Noah and Adam.

Added on 22 Jan 2016: Response to Jesus is God contradiction.

Who is god? or your god? or are there no gods but yourself? Men or humanity does a fine job of mucking up the messages in the Holy Bible and every other ancient holy text. In order to accumulate wealth, power, authority and property for themselves. For your argument. Let us consider that Jesus is just a man. So why not follow his teachings? Your an educated person. Author, college and self employed. You have everything this world can offer to you and you have taken it all or are you a giver to everyone and everything? Your bio says you have studied much on these matters. When a person teaches to love one another is it so wrong? When a person devotes his life to serving humanity and healing ailments? is it so wrong? When a person stands up against the established religions and governmental forces of his time - Alone? in which he was tortured and killed in a way which is belittling to a Jew. Is he so bad, so wrong and so evil that many people devote their entire lives to shut him up and to kill his message of love?
Just think about it and the threat this man Jesus is to the whole world which has favored you personally and professionally. If everyone and every human being on this planet began to just accept the message and life of Jesus Christ. The entire world would not have any military forces. The very worldly political, religious and cultural leaders would suddenly have ZERO power, ZERO authority and ZERO wealth. It will truly be an end of the world as we know it. Just forget about any claims of deity.
In warfare or in any other kind of conflict, problem or turmoil. When communications is limited. A messenger is sent. The importance of the messenger is critical. That is until the message has been delivered. Can that be a helpful way to reason the man named Yahshua.

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