Monday, January 18, 2016

Spiritual Love @ 6: (Unedited): 15 Jan 2016:

It is not impossible to love God whom we naturally perceive as absent and yet who is ever present.
C.J. MacKechnie
We are tied into our physical and mental worlds. All that we naturally think we are is wrapped in the incoming information of our external senses from our eyes, ears, skin and nose. Then through the creativity of our own minds. We can create whole new worlds, universes, existences and even new identities.
To further our separation from knowing our true selves (Spirit) and from God. We delve into external fantasies through media. Such as books, music, shows, internet, Television and etc. This continued separation is far worse than the minutes our hours spent engaged in the media of our choosing. Because, our minds are very susceptible to reprogramming or brain washing. Most of humanity isn't even aware of just how easy it is to alter their own way of thinking. So when you listen to that awful music which is deemed ultra cool by the culture you live in. You automatically assume there is no harm to you. But, there is and it is very subtle. The key to the severity of the harm is in the repetition and it your active participation in the content.
Other subtle ways to transform a mind away from your internal spirit and from reconnecting with God. Is to really like music, shows, characters and to only find out that they are very offensive people in their real truthful lives. Then deciding it is OK because you like the character or show they are acting in.
Even to the degree. Where your pastor of a religious church comes out as gay. Yet you remain present in that church and or religion. Yet you continue to attend your religion even though they have decided to accept all into their clergy even those actively engaged in sinful lifestyles.
You cannot ever approach God when there is sin in your life accepted and addicted sins of any kind.
It doesn't matter if the government has legalized sin. in which if your religion and government has legalized and accepted any kind of sin. Then it is they who has separated themselves from God. If you continue to participate within their accepted sin. Then you shall also be separated from God. No matter how much you want the connection. Through your continued participation. You shall share in the consequences of allowing the abomination of desolation into your holy place(s).  You shall become like one of the fallen angels, religions, churches and countries and human beings.
Through quietening of our own external world and our own internal mind. Can we then reacquaint our physical self with our true spiritual being. Then from there reach out to touch God. 
To disconnect yourself from both the outside world and the running's of your own out of control internal thinking processes. Has to be a choice of yours. Do you really want to disconnect from all of those entertaining outside influences? Do you really want to have control over the absolute free flow of thoughts? Do you want to acquaint yourself with your true self? Do you want to reacquaint yourself with God? These two things are your first choices to make? The simple or not so simple method of meditating helps and assists you to gain control over your own mind. Turning off the media devices and spending some very quiet alone time is the other.
For many humans beings they have already been self conditioned to automatically turn on the cell phone, computer device, television, radio. To be ever surrounded with noise. All of these sounds only distract you away from the truth. The truth of who you are supposed to be. A child of God with full awareness of your own true state of being. As defined by God and not by the rulers of the world. The rulers cannot control you or have any real authority over you if you are governed directly by God. You become a free being who loves everyone, who lives in peace with all, who exists in harmony with all that surrounds them and who cherishes all life.
But before you can reconnect with God. You must first begin to live your life in righteousness and holiness as directly seen and known by God.
When you are finally are able to truly reach out to God. Do not be surprised to discover. That you have always been in His loving hand.
After much time praying, meditating and contemplating those things of God and of quietness. After, you have eliminated all of the sins from your life. After, you have begun to live your outward life with love, Peace and harmony. This is not by duty or because you have to in order to prove it. This is an out expression of who you are and what you have become. This is the evidence of your life's journey so far. Which can only be seen and judged by God. Then is when wonderful things shall happen in it's time.
From your love for God can you begin to discover the true nature of God and just how overwhelmingly wonderful God truly is.
For you to discover. I find that these things are defined by the individual person. Which cannot be proven by any physical means or even expressed by any human means. To express the wonders of God is impossible for the human mind and physical body to fathom. let alone express. This is something in which you have to seek out for yourself. This is your journey which is only for you as we all are individual living beings who cannot share directly with any other. We are just not made that way. We can communicate to the best we can. But, that will always be lacking to some degree. 
The true outward expression of love is absent of pride, ego and arrogance.
The person who has made contact with their true self and have made contact into the spirit. Maybe, even contact with God. These people will be humbled of actions, drives and thoughts. Both inward and outwardly. Pride, ego and arrogance is evidence of the worlds control over their mind and body. 
Compassion and mercy coupled with pride and ego is evidence of heartlessness. No matter the degree of do-gooding. 
 How many corporate officers or corporate employees do you know of who have much pride and ego. I have met many who walk as if you approach them they automatically know you are not worthy of their presence or time. Even in those organizations where doing good is the business of daily life. Yes, in deed they do good daily and help other they do daily.
Even a heartless person or even a team of heartless people can do the business of doing good for the community. But, in the end for these heartless souls. it only matter what they can get out of it. While at the same time keeping those below them from gaining in any way.
In the corporate business of doing good. Your payroll is set at a certain percentage of cash flow. The only way to gain more for yourself is to control all aspects of total expenses. This also includes payroll. So by keeping your employees so poor that they must depend on government welfare in order to survive. All in the name of more money for you. Well, that is just heartless and inhumane.
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