Monday, January 18, 2016

Falling Religions: Righteous Joy: (Unedited): 11-18 Jan 2016:

The drowning faith of mans beliefs comes with the falling crash of their religions.
Before a person, church or religion can fall it must first have been lifted up by God. 
 When you stand back and watch any scene from a distance, which includes an emotional distance. You can see the train crash coming. While some people will sit by becoming excited at their entertained experience which is about to happen. Others will begin to panic and freeze. Some will run like they have never been there. Kind of like the great Peter who witnessed the torture and death of Jesus from a distance. Except for Peter, Jesus was everything to him and Peter failed Jesus just as Jesus had Prophesied exactly.
Many church goers are just religious. Many church goers are just Christians in their own social circles. Many are just trying to figure things out. A few in any given church seem to have transcended the religion and have become righteous and holy in the eyes of God. These are the ones who live daily fighting their own sinful mind and the sinful influences of the world.
There is a big difference between being religious and becoming righteous in the eyes of God. Being religious takes everything from you in the name of the pastor, theologian, Pope or Imam that you have chosen to follow. You are willing to give everything to him. Your heart, your soul, your mind and your body. So why do you feel like your drowning or feel like you have this incredible heavy weight of great burden holding you down? Why do you feel so weary and exhausted? is it because you have made your church, your religious leader or religion into the god of your worship? All of your outward and external efforts does not make you righteous. It is from all of your internal efforts which makes your righteous in the eyes of God. It is from your freely chosen life absent of sin that you become righteous from God. Becoming righteous is freeing and not burden some. Becoming Righteous is enlightening and not heavy with dutiful responsibility. Becoming Righteous means that everything will just be OK.

Why do you think you would give your life freely for any such human being who commands it? Why would you go to war with any other human being who is truly your brother? Especially when deep within your own Holy Texts Love and peace is prevalent? How can you love one another or be at peace when you war constantly? In the days of the coming great ones. It is foretold of the coming liars, false teachers and false prophets. Any man or person who causes you to Hate, cause chaos, to kill and to destroy, to do evil deeds anytime and anywhere. they are all liars and false teachers. It matters not how high they stand above you or how special their clothing is.
Righteous Joy: (Unedited): 18 Jan 2016:
Being religious means you have to give your life freely everyday. In the hopes of receiving some kind of happy reward at the end of the day. While becoming righteous you have already given your life. Abundant and never ending Joy is always right there for you.
Fallen people and churches or never have been lifted up by God in the first place? 
This is just the Tampa bay, Fl. area. There are more. These are just a few.
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