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Good Fruit Prepper: (Unedited): 22 Jan 2016:

Possible repeat quote: I've added the word prepper to the title only to note the focus.
It is better to have a few good fruit, than it is to have many fruit with a few bad mixed in, ruining the whole lot.
The vision starts with the event and the journey many preppers will make to various stores to gain or steal last chance items for survival. Many individuals, families and groups do plan these things. Then I see a group of dark men who lie in wait for the obvious doomsday prepper who will rush out of a grocery, hardware, hunting, fishing store with a basket of nonperishable foods, tolls and other stuff. Then the dark men will follow him to his home or bug out location and do great harm to him and all of those inside. For the value is in the fortress and supplies that the dark men desire. For their troops they do want and desire.
Then I see almost everywhere. Dark men lie in wait to simply follow survivalist and doomsday preppers from club/group type of meetings to their homes. This is surveillance on those unsuspecting survivalists and doomsday preppers. This is done knowing full well that when the day comes and the dark men know it will. They will attack with ancient war like brutality and honor no rules. They will kill everyone except those whom they will abuse/torture at their leisure and pleasure. There will be no escape from the dark men's brutality. Do not think there will be any escape. For their tortures upon you will forever physically prevent you from escape. (To awful to explain further).
The scene changes to the above quote and to those Holy Bible stories of choosing the few good men. Your doomsday prepper family, club or group must also contain righteousness and holiness as a survival quality within your groups guidelines and bylaws.Think about Noah and his family. Do you think Noah had other family members? Aunts, Uncles, cousins nephews and nieces? They were not saved. Nor were they chosen.
Lot and his wife were chosen to be saved and even in their own arrogance they tried to negotiate with those Angels trying to save them. Then Lots wife turned to look back and in her decision after being chosen. She convicted herself by a simple desire of the heart. I think this is also prophetic. Because, there will be those who have been chosen and your every thought and desire in any given moment will convict you. It will also exclude you from being saved.
There are other stories in the Bible which limit the military forces of an attacking group by a simple test of drinking water.
No matter how your end comes. No matter if there will be a rapture or not. Your last thoughts and desires will be important. Will you worship and praise God as you witness the torture and slaughter of your family? Will you hate God because the rapture was a manufactured lie of religious men of prosperity whom God may claim to have never known. Will you beg, accuse, negotiate and plead with God to save you after you have chosen to take the mark of the beast?
If or when the Angels come for you. Will you refuse to leave? argue? debate? negotiate? Will your stuff, your family memorabilia, your properties and your wealth be too much for you too leave behind? You may not even have an opportunity for hesitation. As your hesitation may be all that is needed to prevent you from being saved. You cannot negotiate with a lion.
The devout and chosen remnant may very well be very small within the USA or in the lands formerly known as America. There are keys to becoming a remnant. Those persons who have freely chosen to live their lives righteously and holy as only recognized by only God. Those who are chosen to be a remnant are decided by only God and not by the understanding or explanation by any man. No matter how many expensive planes they have or want.
Here is the point. It is better for you to exclude those persons who are not righteous or holy. Than it is to accept them because they have that critical skill or talent. One bad apple can ruin a whole bushel. This is very serious. This is where faith and trust comes in. Your faith and trust must be in God first and not in Smith and Wesson. In order to remain within the protection of the Holy Spirit. You must constantly remain in like mind and correct heart. To remain in the protection of the Holy Spirit may also be your martyrdom as in the ongoing accounts of the Middle eastern Christians who are being tortured and slaughtered right now. All aspects of Christian memory and history is being destroyed right now. Yet, they have no rapture for them.
Be careful whom you may choose to walk along with.
Yes, this writing will shake up your doomsday or survivalist prepper group. It should. If you believe that righteousness and holiness is important in life given to all of us by GOD. Then you already know.  You already know that associating with those who only have faith in their Colts and Rugers. Leads to only emptiness, destruction, death and conviction.
Jesus was tortured and murdered. The apostles ended their lives HOW? Many untold number's of Christians died in the Roman coliseum or along the sides of roads hung on crosses. What makes you think your any more important than they? With Love Jesus prayed for their forgiveness. With Love Steven prayed for their forgiveness as he was stoned. Jesus had all of the power and authority. Jesus had command of multitude of angels and yet he gave his life in a very horrific manor. What makes you think the easy road will be for you?
1). Dark Men is not a racial term. It is one which denotes evil intent. I will admit. It maybe Islamic men. They seem to be dark skinned. But, Islamic men are not just dark skin toned. Think about the American, Russian, Mexican and Chinese.
2). Every single comment I make no matter where it is or how old it is. Everything must be checked by the Bible and judged against the logical formula for life. Which is Life = Love + Peace + Harmony + Laws of God. If anything i write/communicate disagrees. Then I am wrong and so is any other person. No matter how rich or famous they are. No matter how important the world thinks of them.
3). It is your responsibility to open your own Bible and check those Bible stories i reference.
Added on 30 April 2016:
Yes, These are important: John Guandolo. You Tube search term with less than 1 year. To find more info. It is important to match his Quran versus with what he is saying. Get the facts and actually verify them.
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