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Tampa Vision: (Unedited): 29 Jan 2016:

Not complete:
Last night in downtown Tampa, Fl. It was cold, wet and dark. The towers of the Tampa sky line stood bold and well lit. It was nice how all of the lighting from the buildings just illuminated everything.
Then they began to come to me. Like photographic overlays of multiple images in time, layered upon this current state of reality.
The after images showed a Tampa very dark, cold and lifeless. None of the buildings offered any reflectivity of any light. All of the concrete appeared naked in the darkness. All of the fascia of every building was gone. There was no life present but me.
Dream 30 Jan 2016:
There was darkness all around. I was around darkened people who are trying to do a thing. All without any external sources of light. I think an object which was present was a sanitation trailer. meaning a place where people can go to the bathroom. Well, there was a problem. The trailer was not flowing and was backing up. So upon inspection. I discovered the large external flexible hose was kinked and twisted. The human waste could not flow into an underground drain. After, re-positioning the flexible pipe and untwisting it. All of the human waste began to flow. All of this was done without lights.
31 Jan 2016: 
I was just thinking about the old Hole Shot Prophecy I wrote some time ago and wondered how to easily find it. I think I did call it Hole Shot Prophecy.
I was also thinking about my now old but used to be awesomely cool 700 Lumin flashlight. If the hole shot prophecy actually happened. Then no exposed LED Flash light would work. My mother in law who is getting very aged in her ways. Would accuse me of how her old fashioned barely as bright as a candle flash light was just as good as my ultra cool aircraft aluminum super bright 700 lumin LED Flashlight painted black. In truth if a Hole shot did take place. Her insufficient flash light would become the most desirable piece of equipment to be had. As a matter of fact anything digital would become deader than dead. Lanterns can only be used if you can obtain fuel for them. Even flashlights can only be used if you can obtain and or recharge batteries. So candles? the 1700's lifestyle?
Stay away from Energizer brand of rechargeable batteries. They are a waste of money.

In relation to this vision and dream. I am assuming an EMP attack of some kind. In anything that I have written in regards to visions and dreams. You have to separate the actual vision and dream from my assumptions. I do confuse them all of the time. A lot of times or is that most of the time my assumptions are wrong. What is that defined slang for those who ass-u-me? Hey, I'm being honest. I do not want my own limited and flawed human understanding to get in the way of saving lives. Nor do I was to add in any of my own pride, ego and arrogance into any of this. That would also cause harm.
Is this prophecy?
Added on 13 Aug 2017:
I had a dream or vision some time ago. I'm unable to find it if I even wrote it down. I was at a small gun shop and a KMART. Then a nuclear mushroom cloud formed. Well, I'm in the Tampa region and have access to a private gun range of sorts. I was just thinking of MacDill Air Force Base. In the news right now. North Korea has just declared war on the USA or is that in a state of war?
Is or will MacDill be a target for North Korea? I'm not saying how. Those guys in uniform know more than me and can figure things out for themselves.
Added on 27 Nov 2017: Iran in the news and a new blurry vision. The Iran sailing warships into the Gulf of mexico is actually a 2014 news story which has been re-purposed by Iran. Looks like a propaganda threat.
If and when Iran do transit the Atlantic ocean they will need to port in Cuba and Venezuela as well as other central America and South American nations. Once Iran begins to go deep into the Gulf of Mexico. The USA will need to have about 21 US Naval Ports all along the Gulf Coast. Then the USA will need ships and boats to defend against Iranian aggression. Especially if Iran decides to conduct war games along the Florida Gulf Coast close to Tampa. Isn't MacDill AFB the home of all war management in the Middle east? So is this the relationship?
In order for the USA to protect/defend all of civilian population in and around the Gulf Coast. The USA will need to station 1-2 Air Craft Carrier battle groups (full compliments). 20 destroyers. 40 Frigates. 80 Corvettes. A number of Attack submarines.
These numbers are large as all of these ships will need to be divided among 21 Gulf of Mexico Naval Stations and Coast Guard stations.
Had a blurry vision today. It was related to an invasion force all contained within giant container ships. I could see about 20 men per small container and I knew a hundred thousand plus men were on board one giant ship. It is said that China cannot deliver their invasion force because China does not have the military ships to do the task. But, China does have the ships. They are called container ships. Do the math for yourselves. 20 men times 18,000 for the ultra large.

This blurry vision contained many container ships. Many of which would appear and disappear. Which I think this idea may only be a consideration by a group of people.
Well, it looks like my blurry vision is late to this idea. From 2004, 2005, maybe 1995.
I think blurry visions. Are plans but not decided upon. But, if you smart guys begin to see 20,000, 20 foot containers full of beds and air-conditioning. Then you may want to starting planning on sinking every Chinese Merchant marine ship and all container ships from china. Do you even have enough bombs, missiles and torpedoes? if China does decide to send 300,000 men on one UL Container ship as an invasion force or on many ships to many American locations. Then China also has decided on the probability that they all will be lost at sea. That will then become a cost that China is willing to pay. China's population has topped 2.2 billion people.
Will you as an American military leader launch attacks on civilian naval ports inside of the USA. If you knew an invasion was taking place? You had better.
Added on 02 March 2018:
Florida threatened by Russia:
To avert all of the coming bad and sad prophecies. We each must decide to do the following everyday, every hour, every minute and every second.

To Love one another.

To live in peace with everyone.

To exist in harmony with all.

To Cherish all life.

To be obedient to the Laws of God.

To become righteous and holy by the accepting eyes of God only.
All without pride, ego, arrogance, supremacy or entitlements.
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