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3 Kinds of Wealth: (Edited): 25 Jan 2016:

People can develop three kinds of wealth in their lives, all of which must be taught to and learned by any person. The three kinds of wealth are Worldly, Family and Spiritual. 
For me, trying to explain this is way above my pay grade. This is better suited for those who have been educated in the areas of wealth and finance. I just did not inherit the ability, the desire or was fortunate enough to have a working understanding in regards to any aspect of wealth. I'm merely doing my best and I understand that my best may not be good enough. I only have the very basics of understanding. Kindergarten level maybe.
Worldly Wealth is that wealth you create for yourself in the world financial systems during this single life of yours here on Earth. It is very short term wealth with huge restrictions. Once you die and pass away, all of your wealth is recycled and kept within the world financial systems. You cannot take any of the worldly wealth with you after you die. So a span of only about 50-80 years is basically the limit of any worldly wealth-creation for any single person and is directly tied to the life span of each individual person. Then it is over for you and all of your wealth returns to the real owner. Worldly wealth is illusionary for the temporary user. The temporary user of any form of worldly wealth is every short lived human being who has been blessed by the god/ruler/owner of this world.
There are many kinds of worldly wealth. There is great dimensionality in the varieties of illusionary wealth in the world. You can easily see all of them in a variety of financial reports and financial news shows all around the world. There is even much education in regards to finance and wealth building. That is very obvious.
Family Wealth is that wealth you create for yourself in the natural act of procreation and human relation with the opposite gender. Your direct and personal involvement in the lives of your children is what creates the next healthy and stable generation of you. Your children are that reflection of both parents. Both parents mean one natural female and one natural male. If the generations of family keep the wisdom of what each generation has learned from those living or recently-passed-on relatives, then their wealth cannot be measured in any worldly sense and can be viewed in the spiritual realms.
Family Wealth can have a direct impact on the wealth created within the worldly financial systems. But this must be seen, known and understood as temporary, unstable and imaginary wealth. The importance of worldly wealth is less than Family Wealth. Once you begin to consider that worldly wealth is superior to family wealth, then your family wealth will begin to erode and crumble. Your family wealth created or lost by your decision is the only form of wealth which is real, important and stable on this Earth, so long as you are obedient to the word of God.
Family wealth is medium-term wealth, meaning it can last for generations past the original parents who have made their family pack and new beginnings. Family wealth is conditional, which means each person within the family must freely choose to abide by, honor and respect all of the rules and laws of God. (Life = Love, Peace, Harmony, Law).
Family wealth is a transcending wealth, meaning that family wealth can both have a very real effect in worldly wealth as well as spiritual wealth, but only as long as you freely and willfully abide by the will of God.
There is dimensionality to family wealth. The definition of family can apply to those who are in agreement with you in beliefs and faith. Your defined family does not have to be directly related within your own family lineage. They can be friends in association. Who is my brother? Once you internally pose this question, you will discover your answer to family which seems to have always been present, especially when you realize that all of your genetic coding is more than 99.9% identical to everyone else on this planet. Let that factual number sink in and it is a very large number. It can be equated to astronomical numbers. So I ask again, who is in your family? And who is your brother or sister? Those people in that Asian Church? What about those people in that Black church? What about them at the Latino/Hispanic church? And so on? So as long as all of you choose to keep yourselves separated and isolated from one another, you will never become one family with the greatest wealth which can be achieved on this planet. This is something which supercedes money, property, power and authority. This is a collective decision and sign of the times which will effect true positive change in the world forever.
Spiritual Wealth is largely unknown and not truly believed in this world. Creating spiritual wealth is that very crucial long-term investment. Once you begin to believe that your entire physical being is not real and that worldly wealth is based on the imagination through simple agreement, your perspective and plans begin to shift away from the world and into those things which are truly real and important, which is your true spiritual self and your spiritual family. Who is your spiritual family? Almost everyone. Who is your physical family? Everyone. The evidence that everyone is your physical family has only been recently proven to be valid through the Human Genome project. So from that basic understanding, one can begin to Love one another, live in peace, Exist in harmony, Respect and cherish life. This is the beginning of physical and mental goodness, which you can consider an investment which should pay dividends to your children and great-grandchildren, assuming they follow along these investments as you have begun them.
Through dedicated and purposeful prayer, meditation and contemplation throughout your physical life, you can begin to realize that there is a definite spiritual structure all around everything and from that spiritual structure you can glean truthful spiritual information designed and given to you specifically. This can usually begin with the spiritual laws which will lead you onto the path of humble righteousness and unassuming holiness. From this point the meaningful and purposeful connections begin to merge your spirit, mind and body to God. Spiritual wealth grows exponentially in a manner which seems to be impossible for me to mentally fathom at this time and level of my own life. I do know there is ever lasting continuation that is not measurable in any worldly system ever created or that ever will be created.
The spiritual wealth that you build is the only wealth which goes with you when you go to sleep for that last time of your physical life. This is why it is long-term. No other kinds of wealth go with you, not even family wealth.
Worldly Wealth.      Short Term.              Most Important
Family Wealth.        Medium Term.         Important when convenient
Spiritual Wealth.      Long Term.              Doesn't exist and for the foolish to pursue
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