Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Jericho Song: (Unedited): 27 Jan 2016:

The fearful song of Jericho is what is expressed by the abrasive prophet to those with hardened hearts and walled-up minds.
A person builds a hardened heart and a walled up mind for protection against the perceived cruel outside world.
The most fundamental purpose of the abrasive prophet of God is to enable the unencumbered flow of the Holy Spirit. In order to effect change from the coming doom the abrasive prophet is expressing.
 There shall always be a great internal pressure within any person who has hardened their heart and walled-up their mind. This is evidence of the Holy Spirit having filled up their heart and mind from the inside.
Now all that is needed is for the soft spoken mentor or the abrasive prophet to crack the hardened shell of the heart and the walled-up mind. Once this is done. The Holy Spirit will do the rest until all impediments and constrictions are gone.
The Holy Spirit seems to prefer to flow from the inside to become an outward expression. This is only the ideal and not the only way.
Any person, plant or animal can be used by the Holy Spirit for whatever purpose(s) the Holy Spirit intends. It doesn't matter if they are aware, in agreement, give permission, believing or not.
Being of use/used to/by the Holy Spirit may be one time, many random times or all of the time throughout your entire life.
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