Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Purchasing Thoughts and Feelings: (Unedited): 28 Jan 2016:

Unrepentant sinners, evil doers and demonic people who continuously do good things for you are purchasing your good thoughts and good feelings. 
It is important for everyone to know, to think or to believe that their loved ones like them and think of them as good or nice. Even if they have chosen a life of sin, life of crime or a life of demonic interactions.
So they may begin to do all manor of nice things for you or for your very impressionable children. They may focus their attentions entirely on the children. To cause your children to believe a lie through their gifts of deception. The bad person hopes and omits that none of their evil doings is ever revealed. For all of their gifts is not from love is it from their desperate desire to not be alone and for just a few people to think positive things about them. Even if it is all lies fabricated by the evil person. All of the goodness they bring to you. Is not about you. It is about them feeling good in their lonely life of shame, disrespect and dishonor. Just to feel good for a moment in time. Because, somewhere deep down. they know hell is waiting for them and hell has already been judged for them. This is prophecy.
Luke 16:19-31

Even those people who have dedicated their lives to a religion. Such as the Minister below. Even if the deception is revealed to the entire congregation. The sin in their lives still stand firm. Bolstering pride, ego, resolve and compassion.  If any person within any religion or congregation remains present upon the revelation of sin being placed in the holy place. They will all share in the desolation's to come. In the day when God makes His appearance and all of the world comes against Him. He will tell those who have studied and worshiped without any true repentance of their sins. That He never knew any of them. 
Rev. Cynthia Meyer a Methodist minister has come out as a lesbian and proclaims that the Lord has led her to this revealing. She has become a revealed abomination of desolation in a Methodist holy place.
It doesn't matter if everyone in her church or town like her. A good person does not lie and deceive everyone for two plus decades. The only thing that matters is the law of God, The sacrifice of the innocent Lamb(Jesus) of God. By your own free choice. Do you accept the revealed sin as her free right? In doing so you sin by proxy and are perpetually disobedient to God.  By supporting your free to sin pastor. You are reinforcing their resolve to continue to sin as has become a free right by governmental law. God no longer matters. The will of God no longer matters.
Remember the purpose of prophecy?
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