Monday, February 8, 2016

Political Religious Prostitution: (Unedited): 07 Feb 2016:

Pay to play is political prostitution/whore/harlot as prophetically foretold in the Holy Bible. 
These are all just interpretations. Just as the established religion of the day were looking for a great military ruler as their own selfish interpretations of ancient prophecy. They(Jews) got Jesus Christ, a Holy and pure sacrificial lamb. In which they(Jews) manipulated Roman authority and caused the torture and murder of an innocent man. Any information which comes from any fallen church, fallen people or fallen person. Should automatically be scrutinized. A fallen church, people or person are those who have accepted sin to stand in their own holy place or places. This is abomination of desolation. A further abomination is when a person who knows the words to prove or to wrongly convince those of his faith and yet shows no actual signs/evidence of the faith. For instance needing a new multi-million dollar jet. Multi-million dollar properties in many countries or two countries. Setting up their families financially for life. Anyone who teaches the prosperity promise in any Christian related church. May be one of those that God will say that He never knew them. That will be for only God to judge and not any single human being. As evidenced by the life of Jesus Christ.
Jesus Christ remained homeless and continually gave all that was given to him away.
Is the soon to be 70 year old Hillary Rodham Clinton the prophesied Whore of Babylon? She was raised in the Methodist traditions in which the Methodist church has recently fallen to sin and apostasy. Which is also the abomination of desolation in the lesser degrees. In regards to church and person of those holy places in which sin is brought in.
It seem some interpretations identifying the USA or formerly known as New Jerusalem as the current state of Babylon is accurate. Because who has a military power more powerful than the USA? No One! and yet the country of the USA is so very easy to destroy by any foreign country with the technology to wield.
I can still remember when Margaret Thatcher was supposed to be the Whore of Babylon and was not. 
I was just thinking of the old Kenyan prophecy. Which has been scrubbed from the internet. Maybe, It wasn't real or verified. Is this my own false trust or is it my faulting ability to immediately trust a newly discovered content? Without any sort of verification.
If President Barrack Obama is the last president of the USA. Then does that mean something is going to happen before he leaves office? In order to fully re-organize the USA and a nationally instituted Martial Law. Or does it mean that the new president of the United States of America wins office through an illegal means? Then goes forward with the systematic destruction of the USA. It has been said that President Bush lost and yet won. It has been said that President Obama is a Muslim and isn't even an American. That lies and deceptions took a foot hold as truths and law. Yet, President Obama remains in office as leader of this land. So, in regards to lies and deceptions. Who was the last sitting real and legal president? Regan, Clinton, Bush Sr.? Maybe Reagan.
Clinton lied and continues to lie. Bush Lied and Obama has done what Bush did except just more and faster.
Added on 08 May 2016:
There are now only two candidates left in the Presidential races of the United States. Hillary Rodham Clinton and Donald Trump. The insulting word wars has already begun between the both of them. So, Now how will Donald Trump lose if Hillary Rodham Clinton is the prophesied Harlot?
All of this is assuming that a severe drastic thing will not happen to the USA in the next many months prior to the Presidential election. Something so big must happen in which the sitting president of the USA will be justified in the delay of the election and instituting national martial law.
This will become his opportunity to perpetuate his rule and it will become his rule. He will be lifted up to heroic status. Everyone who is on the list shall die. Anyone who is in question shall die. This means entire families of his enemies. No one will know.
Or will The next President Hillary Rodham Clinton be the one who becomes goddess like as she causes the death of 100+ million people and perpetuates a coming or created emergency. For she shall only save those who are her worshipers.
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