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Evolving Multidimensional Angelic Warfare against Humanity: (Unedited): 04-08 Feb 2016:

This is in note form. I hope you can follow along. I guess this is for someone who knows military history and the history of humanity. This is a puzzle piece to some puzzle that someone is thinking about. This is way above me and because I am uneducated. My history facts all need to be checked out. But, once you see the flow and where I'm trying to lead you. It will become clear for you. Then you take it and run with it. This just seems not for me to know or to understand and yet I have to write it out. So that I can write other things. I do not need to be credited or acknowledged in any way. This is about turning around the world and saving lives. 
All of the angels know that humanity was created to become more than they are. Can you imagine beings so far more advanced genetically than us greater in orders of magnitude. They each have the ability to be gods to any of us even in this modern day of humanities evolution. Oh wait. Many of those angels did come to Earth and pretend to be gods. Then do many horrible things to us for basically their own entertainment and pleasure. While being full of hate and anger over our existence.
How would an angelic military force conduct warfare? Especially when time and resources are limitless according to our limited human reasoning of today.
1) Easy Peasy. Just go in there and wipe them out quickly. Then let the planet heal itself. But, That didn't happen or hasn't happened. Is there a rule they must abide by? A part of a plan ? or both?
The God who is over all of the angels. Caused the Earth to flood and drown those who could not escape in time. In the Bible we know they came back to cause more mischief. Then they seem to have disappeared. To what ends? We do know they did not all die off or killed. We know they can die and be killed. Why did they disappear? Part of a plan or part of a rule they must abide by? or both?

2). Cause the lesser species to evolve in accordance to your supreme dominant and indirect will. Then allow them or lead them to destroy themselves by their own collective free choice. Which really isn't free choice in the angelic realms. How would these fallen angels do this? or what would it look like?
            A). Teach warfare at every level of development. To those select few who will think it was all
                    of their own ideas.
             B). Institute lies and deceptions as truths. Mix in half truths. Limit understanding and wisdom
                   in all areas of thought.
             C). Institute methods of separation and isolation. To the degree that it will become hopeless
                    for the lesser species to ever form a united front against the fallen supreme beings. Or
                    even come to an agreement as to their existence.
                              C1). Multiple races of humanity. When there is only one race. To be further
                                      divided by Ethnic origins, Tribes and clans, Nations and continents. Maybe,
                                      even other planets, solar systems and galaxies.
                               C2). Religions. Instead of holiness and righteousness.
                               C3). Politics. Exclusive thinking process which cannot merge.
                               C4). Social classes. Based in political acceptance, wealth and family genetic
                                C5). To many to list. Athletics, Intellectuals, Knitting, Poker, Bowling, any other
                                         club or exclusionary organization.
                D). Secretly reveal your superior dominant selves to each of the opposing sides in every
                       potential conflict. But, only to a select few or one. Then in accordance to each of their
                       personal pursuits. Evolve their knowledge in that specific regard. In exchange for your
                       superior needs, wants and desires. Maybe, they want out of this solar system or planet.
                       Evolve their knowledge and skills. While limiting or restricting wisdom and complete
                       understanding. These supreme beings or fallen angels only put forth partial or half
This is where I tell you. I have zero history education. For each country and during each war. Can you express one word maybe a couple of words which defined what was learned? For instance I came up with and am most likely in error. Here they are. Not a complete list. Can you see where I'm going with this?
WW2 Germany. Technology.
China wars. War Philosophy. As in the Art of War book.
Rome. Organization.
Genghis Khan. Transportation. Logistics. Horse use. Am I in error here?
Persian. mathematics. Wasn't there a Nephilim a god to the Persians at one time?
Greece. ???.
Catholic religion 
USA. Freedom. Which is becoming absolute freedom. Which is self destructive.  

                E). Viruses and diseases. Which DE-evolve the genetics of the lesser species. Until
                      procreation is impossible. Until the gene pool is so corrupted that the God of all of the
                      fallen angels must give up on the human species.  I would suppose the first step would
                      be to target the evolution portion of the DNA or RNA strands. Create a De-evolution
                      sequence to begin. Which would slowly De-evolve the lesser species into base
                      animalistic creatures and then extinction. Maybe, even cause the lesser human monkeys
                      to do it to themselves. Through their incomplete knowledge of all of the sciences. This
                      would be evidenced by an insect bite which would only target the genetics of the person
                      and would only show up in their offspring. This does not seem the natural way. Insects
                      do what they do in that moment for their own benefit to exist another day. Insects used
                      as mindless weapons do not plan ahead. They may inhabit their host to procreate. Thus
                      killing the host. Study the natural ways and anything odd may not be natural. Rather
                      designed or engineered. For a specific purpose and result.
                 F). Fail. Read all of the above and come to realize that it is all happening simultaneously
                       and has been for thousands of years. Can you begin to see the picture through all of
                       the individual puzzle pieces? Can you imagine these fallen angels only using
                       humanities political elites and military's all around the world in secret and secret to one
                       another. To effect their supreme will. Sounds like one of those conspiracies.
                  S). These supreme beings, fallen angels or space aliens from other worlds. You may think
                        they are helping humanity. They are not. You may think your special or favored
                        because they have chosen you to share their special information with. You are not.
                        Your only the current tool to be used by them. Until, you do your part and lead all of
                        humanity towards extinction by our own hands. They know your thoughts and your
                        plans. They know your desires and may have created those desires within you. Just
                        exactly how a comedian can mimic another famous person for the audiences
                        entertainment. They can do that to you by and through your own thoughts. Causing
                        you to believe that your thoughts are your own. When in truth your thoughts are
                        theirs.  Until, a sufficient amount of time has elapsed while your in close proximity
                        with them. That the way you think has been altered or reprogrammed to their way of
                        thinking and doing. Then if you develop a relationship with them. Proximity is no
                        longer important. No matter where they are. Maybe even in what time. Do you know
                        anyone who had or has a small kangaroo like pouch on their spine? This is your key.
Psalms 8
Hebrews 1
Hebrews 2
It doesn't really matter if you agree with this or not. I do mix the terms angels and aliens. Why? because in this modern era of anti-religion anything. Angels are apart of religions. So if any being comes from so where else which is not Mexico or Earth. They will be called space aliens or what ever they are desired to be called.
Yes, I use the word Mexico as humor. Because a whole lot of Americans think all aliens which are not from space are indeed from Mexico. They seem to forget about all of those countries in Central and South America.
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