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Perfect Possession: (Unedited): 11 Feb 2016:

The willing and obedient spiritual slave. Offers the whole self for a more perfected possession. The slaves only reward is a better worldly life.
A perfect demonic spiritual possession requires the denial of spiritual identity, willingness to be a host and genetic manipulation through chemistry.
To become a perfect host for a spiritual possession. The practice of chemistry to create a genetic alteration is begun. When a point is achieved spiritual possession can be gained and a permanence is established. That is until the demise of the host, the host is sacrificed or the host is no longer of use. No matter the difficulty. The host will perish.
The chemistry used to create the required genetic changes for spiritual possession does not have to come from a singular source. The complete chemistry needed can be assimilated by the human host through many avenues. For instance through foods and drinks, drugs and medications, medical practices and surgeries, and through environmental conditions.
The human body is a self manufacturing biological machine that has the ability to repair and rebuild itself. Through digestion, inhaling by the lungs and absorbing through the skin. The whole body can regenerate itself and it does. Research how long it takes the human body to recreate it's own body parts. This is an interesting discovery, if you do not already know.
Because, of these abilities and capabilities of the human body. By simply introducing strange and new chemical compounds as foods and drinks. One can make small genetic alterations. Through vaccines and dental surgeries. One can make more genetic changes. Through drugs and medications which is supposed to aid in the healing processes. Genetic alterations can even be hastened. Until the point is achieved in a few generations.
Added on 13 Feb 2016:
How many different kinds of addictions are there? I have no clue. Most likely a lot. Go and research it for yourself as I may later on after I write this little part.
The perfect willing host to a fallen angel/demonic entity will not just be all about total control, absolute punishment and hateful intentions.  After all this is what the common people knows after all of those demonic possessions from Hollywood movies. A lot of hate, death, obscene occurrences, the victim of the possessions, the families and friends of the victim of possession. All very ugly, all very helpless, all very sad. In the end all very aware of the truth and the power of these fallen angels/demonic beings. just the proof of their existence should reinforce a persons belief system of the God of Adam, Noah, Moses, Abraham. But, often times it does not.
All that the unstudied common person knows about possessions is a lie. Just as a common person thinks it is fun and exciting to go on a ghost hunt. It is not fun to be scared or to become scared. Even though i do understand that you the reader may think so. it is what we have been all conditioned to think. Especially during the Halloween season and watching all of those horror movies from Hollywood. I was one of those people who enjoyed finger blades and mask, Complete transformations and possessions. That is until I discovered that some or most of that content is true and very real. Yes, I am being vague as I do not want you the reader to re-imagine those horrible movies, books and stories told. Because, if you do believe that some or much of the content you enjoyed for entertainment value is true and real. Wouldn't they lead you to God? or to which gods?
This is how I envision true and perfect demonic possessions will take place. Once a sufficient percentage of the human population of the world is prepared through a variety of very distinct parameters. Once the mind, body and spirit has been altered. Easy entry into the willing human host shall be made. Then once inside of the willing host. The willing host shall be easily locked down or locked in with it's own new aura system.
The human host will become addicted to a continuous flow of very intensified feeling and emotions of pleasures and power. Even though they will not be in control or have any kind of authority over self. The demonic spirit being will cause a love affair with the willing human host. This is yet another deception to only garner and maintain the desired mindset of the willing human host. By causing the willing human host to fall in love with the powerful demonic being. The being can then easily manipulate the willing human host to the it's will. All without fighting, disagreement, arguments and unwelcome attitudes. There may even be a sharing of the host body. Through the giving of pleasures of the mind and body. The willing human host shall become addicted and will perpetually want the demon/fallen angel to remain within always.
Over time the demonic entity/fallen angel will begin to alter and change the DNA coding to effect desired changes to the human host. Until, Nephilim like changes have occurred at a genetic level. Before and after the possessions are to begin. Those necessary genetic alterations may be enough to become the marks of the beast as prophetically foretold in the Holy Bible.
11 Feb 2016. Continued. 
A happy slave is an ignorant and uneducated slave. I share a birthday with a slave who brought about an uprising in the USA. Nat Turner owner said he would not be happy if his wife educated him. This unhappiness through the education of an intelligent person. Was most likely the one thing which caused the revolts. Through education and his readings of the Holy Bible. This is very similar to how a perfect possession can occur. By keeping the host ignorant to the truth. The host will not have the ability to formulate understanding and wisdom. Thus, an ignorant host who has become genetically perfect for possession is also willing to give permission. This is one of the keys to a perfect possession but is not necessary.
Think about this. Do you always like to fight with one co-worker every day? You have to work with them but they hate you or you hate them. Both of you are always fighting one another always. Even a demonic entity desires peace and quiet. Even a demonic entity wants agreement and a friendly welcome. So to shall a perfect host is to become that ever present welcoming door greeter who is always happy to see you.
Then as the host body becomes old, weak and sickly. The demon finding no more pleasure in the human host. That the demonic being/fallen angel leaves in search for another younger, stronger one. Upon the old human hosts death. A new discovery is made by the human host. The body may be dead. But, I am not. But cursed becomes of once was the willing and everlasting judgement shall be experienced for those who received the mark of the demons.
Even today we still do not know exactly what is the mark of the beast. But, soon during this time of great revelation. That to shall be revealed. I do feel what I have written here. May be just a small part of it.

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