Saturday, February 13, 2016

Known Strength: (Unedited): 13 Feb 2016:

Unknown and uncertain strength becomes evident and known in the strong woman/person who protects her/their loved ones from the never ending storms of life. 
Thank You for the inspiration Young lady. 
You are an inspiration because you have become an inspiration. 
This is the only way true inspiration works. The wisdom gained from having lived a very trying life. Is and always has been where the most profound wisdom has come from. Lessons to be learned from those who are will to see and hear it. Then alter their own lives so as not to repeat the bad and sad of your life. Kind of like the people in the Holy Bible. You can think of the many people as teaching how not to live your life. While at the same time you are living your own life with honor and respect. In spite of those loved ones who have abused and abandoned you in your past. You have become more than all of you past adversities. 
The weak and helpless soul always is needy for those to perpetually rescue them from any and all adversity. It is these weak and helpless souls who are quickly forgotten. All a person can ever learn from these types of people. Is how not to become like them. Sad, hopeless and alone.
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