Sunday, February 14, 2016

Perpetually Beautiful: Precious Heart: (Unedited): 14 Feb 2016:

The perpetually beautiful always perfects their pure beauty from within while always searching that which is beautiful every where else and then cherishing the discovery.
My beautiful niece. It is you who has inspired my writing this morning. No matter what you do or how you do it. We all inspire one another all of the time. Be sure you inspire everyone whom you ever come in contact within a beautiful and positive way. In always expressing beauty in a positive light to everyone and everything. Because, in some way everyone has beauty within them. by finding how each person and thing is beautiful. You shall always remain beautiful. Happy Valentines day.
Everything and everyone is beautiful in some way. A lot of people are blind to their own beauty just as they are oblivious to the beauty of the Hot barren Tucson desert. No matter where ever you are. There shall beauty always be. So as long as the seeking heart within you can see and feel the beauty everywhere.
Precious heart: (Unedited): 14 Feb 2016: 
 It is the precious and beautiful soul who can open the blind eyes of the closed-up mind and crack the walled-up emotionless heart in others to enable them to finally see and feel the true beauty which was always all around them.
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