Friday, February 19, 2016

Confusing Peace Process: Absent Heart: Peaceful Desire: (Unedited): 17-18 Feb 2016:

The taking away of all peace within the world. Is the same or similar process as causing a Pharaoh to continue his fight against Israel and the confusing of the tongues within all of humanity at the time of Babel.
 There will be many signs amongst humanity which will indicate that all peace will have been taken away from the whole of the world. The words below is just a short list. Humanity has been given the Laws in which they can freely choose to live by. Humanity has been given the complete lessons of Love, Peace, Harmony and Life. Yet, humanity has rejected them all. Humanity has also been given those positive words which inspire all who heeds them. Humanity has continued to reject them all. The seals have been broken. The bowls shall be poured out. Then for those corrupted souls which has survived it all. The great fires from above and below shall consume all of those which remain. The whole of the Earth shall be purified in it's entirety. To the point that there shall be no historical evidence that any life had ever existed. You better hope and pray the Christian rapture is real and true. You better make yourself worthy to only God. For many will stand before God in Judgement and HE will proclaim that HE never knew you. Even though you dedicated your entire life to the faith. Purity, Righteousness and holiness is the narrow path. It is the quiet path of fasting, prayer, meditation, contemplation. It is the path of absolute love, absolute peace, absolute harmony and absolute life. Go and sin no more. No matter what the human laws are. They shall never be superior to the laws of God. Do not acknowledge or accept any sin. No matter human legal status. If your church or religion has accepted sin into their holy places flee from them-right now.
When all of the leaders of the world actively prepare for war. Which includes offensive and defensive ways of thinking.
The worlds political leaders shall all prepare for war as the rumors of war shall become a truthful reality. They will not have a choice. They will not question what they are doing. They all will know this is their only course. They will  not even be aware that their own free choice has been taken away.
Even leaders of nations without any effective military force will march into war and become utterly consumed. All for them will be lost and yet they will not even be able to realize that a peaceful option was even possible.
The love of warfare in game form is a sign of peace having left that person.
Lawlessness at every level is also a sign of peace having left that person.
Apathy is that condition of the heart which expresses disrespect, dishonor, hatred and anger. So as to cause and leave behind chaos, destruction, conflict and death.

Peace shall be taken away. I do believe that this process will be similar to how God confused the tongues of humanity in the time of the erecting the tower of babel. Also, similar to how God caused Pharaoh of Egypt to not change his mind or not to give up as his slaves were leaving. I think there are a few other places where God has changed or altered man to His will.
No one will question or even be aware how peace has left them or left the world. The people will not even recognize that they have already been judged as one of the disobedient. Pastors and religious leaders will celebrate their own people who choose a life of warfare. Not even realizing that they to have been judged as those whom God has never known.
Any action taken by any human being which causes pain and suffering. Is evidence that peace has been removed from that person, group, religion and world.
Absent Heart: (Unedited): 18 Feb 2016:
Lovers of war are absent of a loving and peaceful heart.
The wrongful games you continue to play is evidence of your sinful mind, heart and nature of being.
The wrongful games you continue to love and enjoy. Can be considered as evidence of peace having been removed from you personally.
Peaceful Desire: (Unedited): 18 Feb 2016: 
Spiritual peace and peace of mind can only be attained through the peaceful desires of your heart.
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