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American Idealist: Clinton Iceberg: (Unedited): 21 Feb 2016:

The greatest of any American Idealist. Shall sacrifice everything for their beliefs. Even if it means a great shaking of the land is to come. Dishonor, disrespect and apathy shall be those explosive match sticks. Which reveals all of the traitors to the world. The USA cannot avoid the fire to come. The traitors identified and all of those who support them consumed. Shall die no matter where they lie. 
There are great heroes within the USA. They believe in the constitution and have sworn an oath to uphold those truths and are willing to give their lives without consideration. They are the last guard to to the free people in America and maybe of the whole world. Once America falls. Only darkness will envelop the world.
This last chance prophecy is a no winner in the short term for anyone in the world. Who will hold up those old beliefs? who will walk a righteous walk? Who will defend against all enemies foreign and domestic? Is there anyone left? For I tell you the truth Oligarchy has taken a hold and now the mad rush to institute specific forms of oligarchy into the ragged ole constitutional cloth.
Clinton Iceberg: (Unedited): 21 Feb 2016: 
There is always a tip to any floating iceberg. The Clinton family which can be easily seen at the top is not the whole of the treason. For the frigid iceberg runs deep and those who support the iceberg is more vast, more cold and more deeper.
I have no clue why I wrote this. Because, there are zero candidates which is worthy of the oval office. Assuming President Obama is the last president or not. If the old prophecy is true and real. Then the President can leave office especially if election shenanigans is involved as it occurs around the rest of the world.
It does seem we are in a time where two prophecies coincide with one another. The last president and the last pope. The question of interpretation is. During or after the last ones? The revelations is ongoing. Everyday more secrets are revealed. To those who are willing to see and hear.
WARNING to the Idealists.
Once you are seen as a threat. You will be put down and then your death will be avenged and someone in office will be applauded. Even though they orchestrated your death. Your in an impossible situation. You will be branded traitors by the traitors.
I do know that the Trump family and the Clinton family are long time friends. I still feel that Donald Trump is playing his part. Which will benefit Hillary Clinton. I still think that Hillary Clinton will be president. Even if it is through a great merging of the political parties with Donald trump as President and Hillary Clinton as Vice President. I still think Hillary will be President. Which means Donald Trump dies. Wow. Where did that come from? Would that even be considered. A Trump Clinton or a Clinton Trump ticket?
Added on 20 Oct 2016:
This one seems off. I think what I was getting at is that in some way trump is for his friend H.R.Clinton. His running for president is for her. Trump is the destroyer of the Republican Party.  
A phoenix situation begins. The destruction of one raises something new. While the other acquiesces/surrenders to the new standard. A queen of whores rises.
Is this related or is there a later time for a younger one to come? Hillary Clinton is 68 Years old.
Hillary Clinton may seem like the Queen of Pay to Play politics. You need to know she or the Clinton family is not the only ones. Just look at Florida politics and how the first laws passed in the 2015 session. All benefited corporations and the politicians profited better than their Florida state paychecks. Research it in the news. Although it seems to have been scrubbed. I remember reading the headlines of their first week accomplishments and how much money each politician received from those corporations they voted for. Can you say Oligarchy? How about Corporate Oligarchy?
It is easy to pin Hillary Clinton as the coming great whore of Babylon. For one she is female and is seeking the presidency of the USA. But, you all need to be reminded that Margaret Thatcher was also proclaimed as the prophetic whore. That was a very terrible error and so to any accusations against Hillary Clinton. If it is not Hillary Clinton. Then which woman is it to be? How long will the USA survive past 2022? If the USA makes it to 2022. For the USA must fall in order for the enemies of Israel to go to war. Russia and China should be complete with their military modernization's by 2025. Give or take a little bit.
Here is another question. Does a whore have to be female? In the original texts of the Holy Bible is it assumed the whore is female or does it specifically state female in some manor. As in Queen? Her? Woman? In this modern age of gender confusion? Yes, I already know the answers to my questions. Do you? This is important. Do the research for yourself. Never accept anyone's explanations blindly. This also, includes all that I write. Because, I'm not a writer who tends to write. I make errors. I'm a deeply flawed human being. Do all of your own searching and researching.
Even if your not one of those idealists and yet you still obeyed without question or flaw to your orders. You may even still be in Special Forces, Swat or one of the alphabet agencies. Bring back into the core of your being and express it through your actions hence forward. Honor, Respect and promise to those values which are now considered ancient. Freedom for everyone and not just for the select few who have abused their powers and given authorities for the past many decades.
Updated on 28 Feb 2016 #1045 Hrs. EST.: Several times and on going. 
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