Sunday, February 28, 2016

Life Breath: (Unedited): 25 Feb 2016:

The breath of life flows through all of the living. It matters not if they are aware, knowing or in agreement. 
 Every plant tall and short, every animal great and small. No matter if life is either here or their. Life flows through all that we know and do not know. Some are oblivious while others are greatly enlightened to see all of the wondrous workings of this to and fro flowing or etheric energies. we as simple human beings are somewhere just above oblivious. For some human beings my comment may seem just to plain weird.
From this flow of life. We are all interconnected to one another. Even to the trees and those weird tree lover huggers. We all breath the same air and we all take in and exude the same energies. Even if we human beings are now only growing, evolving and/or becoming aware.
What is the breath? Is it spirit? Is it or is there a Holy Spirit? Is there different levels or evolved natures of the spirit? If there is then what of God and His/Her expectations of you? Because, it seems that most of the ancient Holy texts. Seem to express a desire for you to become holy and righteous in the eyes of God. All without ego, greed, pride and arrogance.
This was written while visiting the Crab Shack and laying back on my tree at the bar.
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