Monday, February 29, 2016

Freedom Key: (Unedited): 25 Feb 2016:

The key to freedom is within the imprisoned soul with a chained heart and a locked-up mind.
Where is the key? The key has always been within you. But, what is the key? How can you use this unknown key to free yourself? Do you really want to be free? Because, freedom isn't what you think it might be.
A prisoner can define freedom as spending a half hour left alone underneath the sun sitting in a chair. While all of the guards aim their guns on this prisoner.
A extreme low income person with nothing and from nothing with no hope of anything. Then upon obtaining a college degree can then see their freedom gained in that received sheep skin. 
The hard working family which goes on a vacation for a weekend or a little longer. See their freedom manifest.
The person who loses themselves to the digital world. Will find their freedom lost in the addiction of fantasy.
The same can be said with the bowler, the fisherman, the hunter, the sports player or the drinker at any bar. For just a few dollars. Any person can find their freedom at the bottom of a bottle.
Drug addiction is also freedom from the world in which a person cannot cope with.
Are you sure you know what freedom is?
Freedom of speech? but what kind of speech and how you say it? Could I myself lose all of my jobs for what I have written? Absolutely.
Freedom to have guns? lots and lots of guns? But, what kinds of guns? Which shall be defined by the ruling authority and it's definition shall also evolve.
The freedom to sin without any guilt or remorse. Even freedom from the word sin. 
Just as the definition of the word freedom shall also evolve.
Enslavement will always be surrounded by just a few things.
Free access to drugs, alcohol and sin.
Limited Education and minimal critical and reason thinking skills.
Dependence on the ruling authority.
The destruction of family units. Even the destruction of real personal relationships.
Freedom is not what you think it is. 

This was written while visiting the Crab Shack and laying back on my tree at the bar.
5430 Baylea Ave.
Port Richey, FL 34668

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