Wednesday, March 9, 2016

US Land Based Nuke Vision: (Unedited): 09 March 2016:

Top side. They have perimeter control. Their troops making their incursions to the missiles.
Along the perimeter. Men aim their shoulder fired air defense weapons. Just in case of a launch and troop incursion failures.
Missile hatch open. Hand grenades are dropped inside. They run.
Missile hatch closed. Blown up and the bombs dropped inside.
Fuzzy missile launch. Fuzzy air defense missile launch from the shoulder.
Rocket Propelled Grenades or LAWS on some men or both.
Sabotage action Plan.
Underwater Nuke detonation off of ?Georgia?. To eliminate submarine fleet(s). This wasn't really fuzzy. Just a "if that - then this". A preplanned attack on US Naval bases, I assume.
This brings up a question? How to prevent?
Add dozens more men to each of the 500+ missile silos. For instance, Add at least four or more hard mounted Centurion C-Rams to each missile silo. Yea, that is more than 2000 units. A phalanx type of system in the .50 cal or .308 (7.62) or both. Hidden within a rotating steel bubble. Only the sensor arrays are exposed.
Classified secrets stolen. Question.
Is there a specific series of silos permanently tasked for specific launches for specific enemy sites? Like the new and upgraded giant Russian RADAR sites. Just a for instance. Because which target sites would lead to a Russian military failure? Which sites if they were destroyed would cause the entire Russian or Chinese military failure?
Do the Russians and Chinese know which missiles are specifically targeted for specific sites?
All of the "C" words.
The purpose of any bad and sad prophecy is to mitigate and or prevent it. 
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