Monday, March 14, 2016

Fundamental Truths: Happiness Contentment: Freely True: (Unedited): 13-14 March 2016:

Those who refuse to accept the fundamental truths in life. Will suffer and die by those lies.
Happiness Contentment: (Unedited): 14 March 2016:
There is no true happiness or true contentment of life when lies and deceptions rule over you.
Freely True: (Unedited): 14 March 2016:
The true you cannot live freely within the lies and deceptions you create for yourself. 
In your personal and private world. All throughout the whole of the world and any where else. There is only a false reality in the real world you merely reside in for this short period of time. When you have decided to cloak your true being in the shackles of lies and deceptions. 
Happiness and contentment shall always be fleeting for you in this very short life we all have. Especially when the lies and deceptions you have created for yourself are discovered. Especially when the lies and deceptions which have been created for you were all designed to control you and to cause you to risk everything for those who will profit from your ultimate sacrifice.
No matter how much you learn or how much you have invested into your own education. Freedom will never be fully known by you or anyone else so as long as lies and deceptions rule over any aspect of your life.
Three fundamental truths are the separation and division of the human species based on (1)race is a lie. We are not (2)alone in the universe. The universe is not a (3)nice or friendly place.

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