Thursday, March 17, 2016

Sinners Judgement: (Unedited): 16 march 2016:

As guilt and shame settle into the minds of the sinner who has initially survived. They lament for what was and what they once had. All the while cursing God for what they know is yet to come. Extinction and post judgement.
I do believe that God is all love, all mercy and all compassion.
When we each walk our last walk, breathe our last breath. or can even foresee the end of ourselves. Will you become as the repentant sinner or remain the unrepentant sinner? Only in that last moment and if your even aware of it as the repentant sinner was. For even the unrepentant sinner was still full of his sin and mocking the innocent soul who endured more than was humanly expected.
Everyone knows what is coming for humanity. Everyone has read, listened to or watched those apocalypse documentaries on the Television. Everyone knows that God is gonna receive all of the blame for humanities extinction and destruction of the whole world. This is not the case. The sole blame shall be upon all of humanity. For humanity has walked away from righteousness, holiness, honor, respect, sanity and logical reason. Humanity has walked away from truth and embraced all manor of lies and deceptions because it feels good. So humanity will be allowed to destroy itself and the whole planet shall be purified with a great fire. In which no one/life will survive not even those deep underground.
All we have to do to save this whole planet and ourselves is:
To love one another,
To live in peace,
To exist in harmony,
To cherish life,
To obey the laws of God.
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