Wednesday, March 23, 2016

You Know: (Unedited): 15 March 2016:

Trials, tribulations, temptations and tests are those things which must be endured in order for you to know your faith, your will, your righteousness and your honor.
Failure of life's real tests are those opportunities to grow from the sadness, guilt and embarrassment. In order to become a better human being. Their not fun. Some of those mistakes, failures and sins revealed are meant to hack away at your pride, ego and arrogance. Thus, bringing you more in line with those very important spiritual lessons of wisdom and understanding.
One of the greatest forms of arrogance, pride and ego is to never admit your failures, sins, mistakes, faults and weaknesses. Even when you commit crime, get accused or even caught. You continue to deny it all. It matters not what the evidence proves conclusively or how many believable witnesses there are. All the while, You are doing more harm to yourself than you have done to your victim. Because, maybe your victims will survive and go on leaving all that you are behind them as an eventual forgotten memory. You to will go on. You may even forget their names. But you shall never ever get away from their curses upon your own living soul. The more harm you do. The more harm you do to yourself and it shall all be magnified to an unbearable level. Beyond that tolerance which destroys all of your own sanity and reason.
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