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Peace Taken Away: (Unedited): 27 March 2016:

When peace is taken from the whole of the Earth. 
Do not expect any friendly civility. 
Do not expect any social propriety. 
Do not expect any fairness in life.
Do not expect any law and order.
Do not expect any justice for all.
How does God take something from man? A whole lot of ways and by any means necessary. God does not have to insure any human is aware or not. God just does it. For instance at the Tower of babel. Did the humans have foreknowledge before the confusing of tongues? Maybe, a few did as a prophetic warning to those who refused to listen and to continue on in their disobedience. They all knew something happened after all of their single common language was confused into many.
This is my imagining and is not intended to convey to you. This is how God did it. It isn't. This is just how I can barely begin to fathom the simplicity of how God would do thing. After all, Isn't our human brains more powerful than any silicon computer system today or even all of them put together. Isn't it amazing how the chemical reactions of learning and gathering of information and retaining it for memory. Grows and grows and yet none of it contains mass. Similar to software in a computer. You can fill the hard drive of your computer with some very heavy information and yet it still weighs the same it did when it was new. Except for the dust inside.

I can imagine how God went to his Godly computer terminal and selected certain groups of people and then added a new basic language format to those specific groups of people. Then continued to do the same logical process some 77 or so more/less times. Give or take a little bit. Just as any network administrator can alter any function and permission on any of your companies/government computers. With or without your awareness or permission. But, only after the fact when you arrive at work do you suddenly realize that your computer language settings have been altered and you cannot alter it once it has been changed. Wouldn't that be confusing to you. How would you do your job? Of course what God did was far more complicated to technically understand. God would have had to delete the common language from all human beings and then upload 77 or so new basic languages into all of the different groups of people. Almost sounds like a software upgrade today. Delete the old and upload the new. Then those people would go off into their own direction throughout the whole of the world and modify their new language by creating their own new word vocalizations for everything they experience.
Did you get that? God can delete your language suddenly and then upload a new language or all of them. Just as quickly. With the ability to speak and understand instantly. Without problems. I know only one language and I do not speak it very well. If you have endured my writing. My speaking skills is far worse.
Do you remember that so called incomplete logical formula I wrote a while back? You know.
Life = Love, Peace, Harmony, law/obedience
The inverse of that is?
Death = Hate,War/conflict, Chaos, Lawlessness/disobedience

When something is taken away another thing must fill its place. So that which is replaced is chaos. As chaos becomes more and more prevalent and more greater. Chaos will cause a diminishing effect upon the other variables Life, Love, Harmony, Law/Obedience. The entire formula has become contaminated. Until Love becomes hate, Harmony becomes chaos, Law becomes lawlessness and life becomes death.
Think about this. Christians are supposed to love one another and sin no more after they profess their intention to be faithful. We all now have easy access to the Holy Bible which was only reserved for those accepted catholic priests who were taught the language in which it was written in. To even touch the Holy book would most likely mean certain torture and death. From the Holy Bible we learn how to Love one another. We also learn how not to live your life. Through the characters and their lives they lived and through all of their own sins and human failures. We learn that even the littlest and most worthless of all sons can fall a giant with a common stone and then become king. Thus begins the accounts of every time he sinned and the cost everyone paid for the kings sin. Even that is prophecy for today.
I'm not sold on the rapture but I shall not deny it. If it becomes a reality. Can you imagine that discussion of a rapture denier and an angel who has come to save him. Do you think a negotiation would be possible as was with Lot and God? Why would you even want to negotiate with God. There are many accounts of negotiations. Go and read them for yourself.
I think peace has already been taken from the Earth. When did it happen? I have no idea. Not for me to know, I guess. When did Christians begin celebrating their sons and daughters choice to go into military service? Hate, War, Chaos and death.
When did abortion or free murder become legal? Murder, Free choice, Lawlessness becoming law.
When did the mentally ill become sane citizens with rights? The LGBT community. They create chaos with fervent hatred for anyone and anything which is good. Go watch how this minority group can go into every city and town in parade and the huge majority of Christians allow it through apathy or acquiescence or both. There is a lot more. Go and pray upon this and then add more to this line of thinking.
Are you catching the key words? Will you even be brave enough to teach them and preach them? If not then whose god's are you believing is more powerful than the Christian God? You must have great fear. Because, I know who my readership is? They number more satanic persons then the Christians. My writings are published more in satanic media then in Christian. More people pray against me then for me. Why is that? Because, I unintentionally declare their worldly victory and the coming physical extinction of all humanity. Which is the intended purpose of satan and his following fallen angels. They all want us dead. Those that follow are unaware or just don't care. That those god's who they follow love not any of us humans. All that the fallen ones do is against all of humanity. Throughout all of human time.
Peace shall be taken away. So that the people would slaughter one another.
When he broke open the second seal, I heard the second living creature cry out, “Come forward.” [e]Another horse came out, a red one. Its rider was given power to take peace away from the earth, so that people would slaughter one another. And he was given a huge sword.
Can you imagine that. It doesn't say nations, cultures, races or any other social or ethnic category of human being division. The people will slaughter one another. I would think the wars which begin will have their commonalities, political affiliations, belief systems and skin tones of agreement. After a time. It will become all for one and not even family blood will prevent blood shed from one brother to the next. Read Cain and Able. We all better hope and pray for a rapture. I do. 
In the future world of ours. Life will become so hard that if God does not cut short those days of suffering. There will be no life. Mathew 24:22. Go and read it. Focus on the "For the sake of the elect"... Who are the elect and will they have to endure unto the end? My insignificant and flawed answer is Yes. Do I want the answer to be yes? Nope.
So what does this mean? Egyptian Christians have been slaughtered. Syrian Christians have been slaughtered. Lebanese Christians Slaughtered and already forgotten. African Christians are being slaughtered and so shall the Europeans and the Americans. Israel is threatened daily.
No one cares and many celebrate and many others perpetuate it. All remain silent. 
There are many first things you need to do. One is to get into and remain in the Bible daily. One is to pray as in you talking to Jehovah. One is to meditate as in you listening to Jehovah. One is to Contemplate as in you silent to Jehovah. One is to actually go and sin no more. Do no wrong to others. Cause no harm to others. Go and love one another even if in the beginning it is a lie and then admit it. I try to be a good person. I try to be a friendly and likeable person. Practice fasting on a regular basis. With a focus. These are the beginning basics. Then let God. Never allow yourself to wait for God to do for you or to open doors. This is a false teaching. You gotta do your part in the doing process. Do not become one of those Christians who wait on that neon sign hanging from the heavens saying do this and go there. For they wait for a year, ten years and their entire lives. Satan wins because that christian has done nothing.
So what is next. Get your 1700's skill sets. Get some of those hands on down and dirty modern day skill sets. Go get some martial arts training in accordance to your physical stature. Go and get some 1700's weapons training. Go and get some modern day weapons training. Establish dedicated christian communities and develop your own micro economies with other like minded communities. Do business with no outsiders. Sounds like becoming one of those paranoid doomsday preppers.
Know that. That you as a Christian they are coming for you in the future. You will be abused and tortured and killed just as the Christian Syrians, Christian Egyptians, Christian Africans and the disciples in the Holy Bible have been. When the Vatican is sacked and the Pope is executed upon the catholic alter of sacrifice. You will know the time is shorter. When all of Europe erupts in violence. Time is short. When the USA is no more. It is to late. The time is now and it may not even be enough time left. Less than ?9? years? or by the 2040's??? Maybe tomorrow??? Pray for the truth of the rapture. If the rapture becomes a false teaching for you. Do not allow that one false belief to be the all encompassing cornerstone of your faith. 
Minor edits and added content. 28 March 2016.
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