Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Entertainment Not Intended: Worldly Squirrel: (Unedited): 29 March 2016:

Not Complete
The edifying of your heart.
The provoking of your mind.
The tingling of your spirit.
Is not intended to be entertaining.
When you attend a worship center/church of your choice. The purpose is not for you to be entertained. The purpose is not for you to escape the reality of your selfish worldly life for just a couple of hours a week. The purpose of going to church is to stop the life you have in the world and to end your obedience to worldly rules. Even if it means unemployment, starvation and homelessness.
Because, the soul spirit is everlasting while the human physical form only lasts maybe 80 or so years. Which do you desire? 80 or so years of physical life in which only about 30 years is with youthful vigor. Then the physical downward decline begins. Your soul spirit is everlasting and never ending. Which should be your logical and reasonable primary focus? Physical life or spiritual life? Which do you follow? The worldly rules or by the rules of the spirit world? Which is of the most importance?
Sure you must live in this world. But do you live it for the emptiness of meaning, purpose and mission of worldly pursuits? Which only lasts a short time. You may become CEO or some other alphabet officer of some great worldly corporation or governmental organization. Even that shall have a limited duration and then your usefulness shall expire as does any other worldly product.
Worldly Squirrel: (Unedited): 30 March 2016:
The selfish worldly squirrel shall never find his buried nuts near where the new trees grow. Yet, the squirrel continues to dig and dig in earnest.
Yahshua  said to the wealthy young man to give away all that he had and follow me. Jesus, did not say give all of your worldly wealth to me and then you can follow me. That is just something that the prosperity false teachers often forget to mention.
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