Sunday, April 24, 2016

Last Prophetic Event: (Unedited): 24 April 2016:

In the aftermath of the last prophetic event. There will be no one alive to fear or give respect to the prophets. 
Prophecies are meant as warnings to the people to change from their evil ways and to return to a righteous and holy lifestyle. Prophecies may not be absolute events, which will occur.
In this modern day. There seems to be many professed prophets who proclaim to be right and glorify in themselves that they were right or were the first ones to be right in whatever they have said concerning an undesirable event(s). 
It is in fact very simple and yet so very difficult for humanity to cause the vast majority of all prophecies which have ever been written or spoken to be wrong. All everyone needs to do in order to save human lives and to save humanity from extinction is to do these things which are in purple below. All without any threats, fears and intimidation's. Each person must see these purple words below as truths of goodness and see that they are right. Then each of their own free will and free choice. Begin to live in accordance of those purple words below. Yes, there are more positive inferred purple words in the lesser but still of importance degrees. But, that is for those people who are far more knowing than me.
To Love one another.
To live in Peace.
To exist in Harmony.
To cherish all Life. 
To obey the Laws. Sinless. Righteousness. Holiness.
In the prophetic warning of every prophecy ever written or spoken. If you continue to live in the red or even mix any aspect of the red into your lives. Then all of the purple will be of non existence. These red words below is the absolute inverse of the purple words above. The red words only appear to be more powerful than the purple words and in the physical they are. But deep within the dimensionality of true power. From strength to weakness. All of the purple words are genuinely superior to any of the red. Even though a single red word can appear to corrupt and contaminate the whole of the purple words.
Any aspect of the red words corrupts and contaminates the pureness and righteousness of your being.
lawlessness. sinful. disobedient.
Yes, there are more red negative inferred words in the lesser but still of importance degrees. But, that is for people who are more knowing than me. It is your free choice to allow any of these red words to dwell within you and by doing so. You give power and probability to every bad and sad prophecy ever spoken and written. So, yes every bad thing which happens in which the hand of man touches is your fault, yes you, the reader of this. Just as it is all my fault because I'm a deeply flawed human being who is trying to make things right. So that we all can have an opportunity to each live lives worth living with a righteous meaning and a holy purpose. Because, it is really an either purple or red. You cannot mix any aspect of the red with the purple. Always has been. From the time of the first human/Adam.
Note: These purple and red words. Do form a logical math formula. I can only see a few of the elements. I can only see how it works in time and how either the red or purple can over take the other color thru time. The actual formula is not for me to see as I'm not educationally trained. As is evident in my writings. Thank you for enduring my words. If your one of my readers who takes what i right and make it better. Then do so, but only after prayer, meditation, and research. As always, no need to mention me. It is my intention to stop all bad and sad prophecies. Because, i would rather meet my God who says to me good and faithful servant rather then meeting an angry God who comes as a angry lion. That is prophecy. God comes again as an angry lion. Who wants to meet an angry lion or attempt to negotiate with an angry lion? Really. Contemplate on that one. Something no church or religion we even consider to think about. Go read the Bible and learn how many of the chosen people who were meant to be saved. Some of which began to try and negotiate with the life saving angels. Really. "Lot" and others.
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