Monday, April 25, 2016

Blind Enslavement: (Unedited): 25 April 2016:

Blindly Believing another persons opinion without knowing and understanding the origins of the spoken/written content. Enslaves you to their way of thinking and believing.
There are a lot of people who offer their opinions. Including me. Know matter who you follow. You cannot take anyone's words as gospel fact. You must research their words always to insure they speak truthfully. You should not allow yourself to become deceived. In this world there is a lot of deceptions. Even the so called fact check organizations have been wrong. Not to say that whom they have reported as wrong was still wrong. But, how can that be? TO keep you thinking and believing as you are directed. To keep you angry and hateful. Think about it.
If your mind is full of lies and deceptions even though you believe them to be truths. How close can you get to Jehovah?
If your heart is full of anger and hatred? How close can you get to Jehovah?
If you pray and your spirit, heart and mind are negatively tuned? Who is listening? satan and the other fallen angels? maybe?
Are the thoughts of your mind full of sin, any sin? Like mistrust of those long haired hippy types or that certain group of people with the dark sun tans? It doesn't matter why, who, what, where or how you sin or in what degree. This is what keeps you separate from Jehovah and in tune to the fallen angels. Who are willing to listen to your thoughts and feelings and mimic them right back into your mind. Thus, influencing you into their will.
You see. Regular unscripted prayer and meditation. Teaches you how to control your thoughts for an extended period of time. Teaches you how to block and expel any unwanted thoughts and emotions. Which may not have originated within your own mind or heart or spirit.
All of the content of any entertainment show only distracts you away from Jehovah. Even Christian programming. When you are involved in listening or watching any show. Including the very produced shows at your churches. You are distracted from Jehovah. OH But... You say. I'm worshiping. Are you really? I'm not judging here. Look into your own actions which preceded the worshiping. Do you remember what each of the holy men had to do before any of them could go into the holy of the hollies? Go look in the Bible. Come as you are is out of context here. Study that one as well.
Are you actively becoming holy and righteous as only Jehovah will see it in the fruits of your life. Both inward and outward. You gotta have both ways.
Personal Note. I'm a deeply flawed human being who is making the effort.
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