Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Evil Doer Apathy: Tsunami of Guilt: Spiritual Tsunami: (Unedited): 26 April 2016:

The wicked evil doer is apathetic in all that they do or even think. 
 The sudden softening of the wicked evil doers heart. Opens the flood gates to a tsunami of guilt for all of the bad things ever done, could have done or thought. 
Guilt is the suffering you have caused others, becoming open wounds in your own heart. The spiritual blood bath pours out of you like a great tsunami. Destroying what you once were as your birthed into something new.
 This is the beginning of your healing process. To feel all of the pain and suffering you have caused. To the degree that you do not want to harm anymore. I have read of genuine warriors who enter into a time of lone quietness. Only to become destroyed by what they have done to other human beings. Only a few have emerged to become Men and women of peace. Just as any new baby is born. Is not a guarantee that you will survive. For me it is beyond human reasoning as to why I have survived all that I have endured and caused.
It is pretty simple. The wicked evil doer cares nothing for you. Even if your a brother, mother, sister or father. Even if your an aunt, uncle or long time friend. The blackened heart of the wicked evil doer is cold with a dark blackness of apathy. They are animalistic in nature. With only a care for what they get when they can get it by what ever means they devise. Your feelings, thoughts, human rights, legal rights or even social rights are not even a thought of consideration within their hardened heart. Just like the animal must always fight for and kill for their next meal or protection of their self claimed terrortory. (Yes, I know the word is territory).
The wicked evil doer does not have to be a single person. It can be a gang and it can be a people, a nation and a religion. It can be a combination of many things.
Prophecy China
What of China? Their Naval forces are being accused of professionalism in the South china Sea. I suppose that is a good thing. As Russia has begun playing their old childish games. China is on the cusp of actually realizing that they have very real power. Will China do unto the world as it has done in the past with their own people? The word past can mean yesterday. In doing so China will cause the whole of the world to mistrust all of China and Asia. To the degree that all of the wealth in which they have built up. Will depart from them. To the degree of loss. That none of the educated intellectuals will foresee the coming total collapse of all that they have built up in this modern time. Even to the degree that the whole of China will become yet again a fractured people of a dozen plus short lived warring nation states and then hundreds of tribal communities. As it was in the old days before their great warlord of the Middle Lands. So it shall be again. It's gonna happen if the Chinese leadership doesn't find their heart and their spiritual compass.
All of the Chinese leadership is on the cusp of becoming the worlds new wicked evil doer. Thus, leading all of the Asian peoples into extinction before the rest of humanity follows suit. China shall become the trigger to the extinction of all of humanity. The only ones who shall care are the mothers who remained silent as they all begin to drop to their knees at the total loss of the babies in which they all birthed. For a great nation and people is born through the woman. From the delicate woman who is in child birth can you see determination, strength and courage. To be followed by intense love, compassion and mercy.
To the Chinese Leaders. Turn you gaze upward and go their. Go up into the cold darkness of emptiness. Let this be your focus. Do not create more secrets or maintain the old ones as the USA and Europe has done. Soon they will be purified and then it will be your turn. Because, the loss of Europe and the USA will mean the loss of your wealth. Then in time the great darkness will envelope you in entirety. Most likely by 2060. If humanity even lasts that long. What shall you do? Do as Europe and the USA has done placate the evil within. This is like ignoring cancer within you. The false belief that it will go away shall consume you.
Stop building your war machines and turn your gaze to the machines of space and of traveling to the other planets, moons and other minor bodies. You shall become surprised that everyone shall follow you. Creating new friendships which will not require treaties that no one adheres to.  Do not become the trigger of humanities destruction that someone else shall squeeze.
For instance a religion which teaches love your neighbor is not something to be outlawed. While a religion which is by their own laws are told to subdue by any means necessary, everyone who is not of them. Just as you should not outlaw those who teach harmony and wisdom. For those things are deep in your history. To outlaw everyone who teaches good things is an evil doer. While at the same time allowing 1.8% of your population to coexist within is flirting with disaster. That 1.8% Muslim Population will be a open doorway to your destruction. Because, once Europe and North America are destroyed. Their focus shall be upon you and Russia. The European destroyers shall walk into your lands and do to you as is being done to Europe. The evidence is what has been happening in the Middle East since the 1970's. How many Christian states were their? How many Christians are there now? How many son called non sharia compliant Muslims are there? A portion of the North American destroyers shall go south. Like I said. Where has your wealth gone?  The USA is not your enemy. Your enemy is already within and all they will want to do until their zero hour is to negotiate and be nice. They are the foothold.
Personal note: I still think you should turn those islands into vacation spots. The propaganda would be huge. The comedy which would come from it equally huge. Everyone who is not Chinese would lose. But, in the mean time. I would place some more of those old WW1 era artillery pieces around. It won't matter if they function or not. Have a good laugh on me. Assuming China has not banned me again. I have not seen any Chinese readers in some time.
Added on 14 May 2018:
China has fully militarized those islands. Even with secret energy weapons.
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