Friday, April 29, 2016

Beautiful Love: (Unedited): 29 April 2016:

When you fill yourself with Love. It's reward is the recognition of beauty which has always surrounded you. Just go and look with expectancy. Enjoy the sweet reward of joy in which you will receive. 
Only those who have a love, peace and harmony within them can see far more beauty then they have ever known. To the degree of recognition beauty in everything and everywhere. The more apathy, hate and anger you have within you. The less beauty you will ever see and know. 
The reward of knowing beauty fills you with the sweetness of joy. Thus, causing you to want to love more. Even unto the point of regaining your innocence back. That you may have lost because of the ugly realities of worldly life.
Just go and listen to those who always hate and anger. Ask them Where beauty is? They will be confused and they will think of you as foolish or of wanting to partake of whatever drug they think you are on. 
Thank You Miss HDG for inspiring this writing.
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