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Modern Nephilim: Chimera Transhumans: Human Corruption Code: (Unedited): 30 April 2016:

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Modern Nephilim: (Unedited): 30 April 2016: 
The offspring of the modern day Transhumans and Posthumans shall be the near equivalent to the old days of the Nephilim.
Chimera Transhumans: (Unedited): 30 April 2016:
The chimera stylized genetics of transhumans and posthumans will begin to subjugate the inferior base human beings.
Human Corruption Code: (Unedited): 30 April 2016:
Trans-humanism and Post-humanism is the corruption of the pure genetic code of humanity. 
The evolutionary time coding of the Pure Human DNA strands shall be broken with any corruption of the coding sequences.
Humans were made to evolve at a certain rate of time. With possible leaps within. The leaps maybe  a design parameter to keep the whole human population in time with each other. When a percentage of humanity is in mutual sync. Then a genetic leap can happen. Thus keeping the human population equalized and stable.
Authors Personal Message: (Unedited): 30 April 2016: 
The information contained within the human DNA strand sequences is made just like a three dimensional book. Plus, there is a personal message coding from the Author.
Currently living human beings who have not had their DNA and RNA defiled, corrupted or contaminated. Will have locked into their sequencing a personal message to those who find the ability to read the coded message within the code. Also within the code is a genealogical history of that person. Which can be numeralized and decoded.
Those who have had their genetic coding corrupted, contaminated and defiled to any degree as only known by the Author. Any messaging of the past or present will lose perfect tense in long term functionality.
(The word numeralized may not be a word)
The use of Wikipedia is a starting point only. Some of which leads to dead ends for me. For you maybe not. Especially, if you do not see any further information to support the Wiki link. You must always pray and meditate before you you do a thing.
Before you begin to get into this. Better have your drinks on hand and snacks. This is gonna get deep. Way above my pay grade kind of stuff. Nothing in this list is in any kind of order. Pencil and paper is advised. Prepare for brain fry time.
 As it was in the days of Noah. So it will be
The military's of the world will want their super soldiers. Hollywood has already given us their versions of super soldiers and even cyborgs.  They have even answered some very important questions and posed many more. There will be some things that will be absolutely necessary when the governments of the world begin to make their soldiers. For instance. Watch the trailers below and then watch the movies with a mind set towards genetics.
1).  Absolute control and reliability. They must obey and follow through or complete their mission.
2). Short life expectancy. For instance. Once DNA enhancements have been initiated. That soldier will die quickly of natural causes in 6-20 years.
3). Unable to procreate. No politician or leader will want any super soldier to procreate with anyone. To do so will introduce uncertainty in the offspring and be outside of the controls of government. Do you really want a Nephilim walking around. Planning on taking over your country as they once did.
4). Introduced Specific psychological defect or tick or tell which will identify the enhancement program of the transhuman.  For instance a purple flash light causes laughter. Which identifies super pilots. 
After studying all of this genetic type of information. The Science aspect of the Holy Bible is revealing itself to me. All I can say is wow.
The comparison to Greek mythology and the fallen angels become more real.  The Indian gods and the Asian gods as well as all of the other gods of the world. For they are all the fallen ones whom have many names but can or should be all identified by their character traits. All of those gods of the world seem to directly leads to the histories in the Holy Bible and the Holy Bible leads everyone to Jesus Christ. For those of you who are far more talented than I am. There are many books here which should be published. If you are one of the inspired ones. No need to mention or credit me.
Added on 05 Aug 2016: DNA Corruption may be legalized in the USA.
Added on 23 Aug 2016:
Written on 19 Aug 2016:
Chinese prophecy: Will China be the first to edit their own accepted peoples DNA to achieve certain desirable effects. There will be many drawbacks which will not be easily quantified. Blind Arrogance. Thirst to be beyond those who are deemed less than. A true loss of their humanity and they won't even be aware that they have lost their humanity. But, this isn't about just China.
The highest accepted class of Chinese shall have an average IQ which shall increase every few years. To an average IQ of 250+.
The highest accepted class of Chinese shall achieve a stable and healthy average height for men 6 foot and 4 inches and for women 6 foot and 0 inches.
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