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Orlando Terrorist Attack Meaning: (Unedited): 18 June 2016:

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The Orlando funerals are taking place all over the world and USA. Everyone is saddened. This is the time to mourn and to remember. For everyone to express love and compassion to one another.
The truth is hard to fathom. In Islam all who engage in gay/LGBTQ lifestyles deserve to die-PERIOD. There is no negotiations with Islam on this. It does not matter what an official Islamic person said in regards to this attack. Islamic leaders are Lying and deceiving everyone. In order to keep the civilian population calm and at ease.

While the Christians believe that you are a sinner, the Christian will pray for your salvation and in the Christian hope your soul will be saved by your own free will. If any Christian were to kill any sinner. Then that sinner loses the opportunity to change their lives for the eternally better. Can you see the difference. Jesus Christ said we should all love one another and causing any harm to anyone is not loving one another. Any devout Christian who causes any other any harm or leads Christians to cause harm. Is in sin and maybe deceived or my not even be a Christian. Becoming a Christian should be done Without any fear, threats or intimidation. That is how it is supposed to work anyway. The Christian should always express love, mercy and compassion to every soul. If any person, group, religion is engaged with any sinful beliefs. Then no relationship can be maintained with them. Unless of course the sinner does have it within them to walk the path of righteousness and holiness as Jesus Christ had done and which is only accepted by God.
You as the reader are required to search and research all content given to you from me or from anyone else. You are to seek the truth which is beyond those who do the reporting. You must always get to the source of all information. Seek out all truth and do not solely depend on anyone to give you what they think is true. It is only your responsibility to reasonably decide by logical deduction what is true or false. All without any preconceived notions. Which may be actual lies and deceptions taught to you as truths. Question everything with respect.
====Orlando Pulse Terrorist Massacre====
=====Mateen Family and Relationships====
The Durand Jirga, Inc
Sheikh Farrokh Sekaleshfar
Remember. It is your duty to research all content from their individual sources.
=====Terrorist Incidents history=====,_January%E2%80%93June_2015,_July%E2%80%93December_2015,_January%E2%80%93June_2016
=======The Religion of Peace======
I have never been to this website before. So check the data for inaccuracies. After you count all of the deaths which has occurred do to terrorism. Count each year. How can you not be aware this is a war?
==========Ramadan History=======
Only 2015 and 2016 Islamic Terrorist attacks listed below.
=====USA Terrorist attacks====
This is an attack on sin theme. Which sin is spread through the whole of the world by the USA and Europe. This is the meaning.
No matter what you may thing about police officers and the laws which govern and restrict their actions the common civilian. All Law enforcement officers in any capacity are a military force. It should also be noted. That any attack upon any police officer is an attack upon every law abiding civilian person in society. This is a military themed attack.
Work Place theme. Murder those whom called you friend theme. Up close and personal theme.
Military themed.
Religious Offense theme attack.
=====European Terrorist Attacks====
No one is safe. Up close and Personal theme
On orders from ISIS. Obedience Theme.
Attack on Jews. Genocide theme. Possible obedience theme.
Military theme. Celebrating Islamic victory anniversary theme.
Military theme.
Syrian themed supporter. Possibly Islamic. I included it anyway. Do more research for yourself.
Attack on Freedom theme. Also sin theme attack. Also American theme attack.
Military Themed attack.
Freedom theme. Robbery theme.
American Themed attack. Planting flag of victory theme. 
Christian Church themed attacks if he had not shot himself. If this Islamic man was successful. Christian church attacks would have been repeated.
Freedom themed attacks. Religious themed attack on synagogue. Offensive art theme. 
Jewish genocide theme attack. 
=====Canadian Terrorist Attacks===
Military recruiting themed attack.
Unemployed, Insane, No known Islamic connections. 
 Islamic unknown. Most likely attack on Sikh holy site. Religious theme 
======Australia Terrorist Attacks====
Obedience themed. Military themed.
==========How to prevent======
I'm old enough to remember dodge ball. This is a children's game which forces you to face your opponents/enemy. You cannot run. You can try and hide behind others. But, the bottom line is. You must face the person or persons who are trying to harm and hurt you with a ball. Do you remember. You must face forward. There is no escape. I guess in today's modern era children are to fragile to play a game related to Sun Tzus desperate or death ground.
-----------------Active Shooter Security------
Desperate ground is coming for the Americans. What can you do when there is no where to run. The wall is at your back and those who are forward of you are intent on causing you harm. You cannot plead, nor beg or negotiate with them. They will do as they must. Every church, every temple and every synagogue must begin training for active shooter events. This must include everyone who attends. You must seek professional security help in this regard. For your specific situation. because, even Peter carried a sword to defend and then what Jesus said in HIS appointed time? Should you as a church leader allow Islamic men to sacrifice your people? If they should happen to choose your church, temple or synagogue. Or will you just call 911 and hope the police arrive to save your people. By that time and their establishment of a perimeter. More then you can bare shall die. It is coming. Especially once the entire Islamic leadership discover that America as a whole has truly left the protection of God. Our God which is not their Allah.
========Brigitte Gabriel====
The story of Miss Gabriel is very compelling and is also one which reveal Islamic strategy for the taking over of the entire world. All of this through population controls. Think about the term I just used  "Population Control". It is not how you have been taught to think of it. What has been done with Lebanon will also be done to each individual country. First in Europe. Then into individual States within the USA. But, maybe first Islamic crimes in the USA.
Population control as used my Islam is one of over population and then through absolute obedience within the religion of Islam. Do they all go forth in a military take over via guerilla warfare.
=======John Guandolo=====
Go and watch the YouTube videos with search term "John Guandolo" decide for yourself. Just because a man was caught in sin does not automatically discredit his professional knowledge base. A mans sin discredits is own self. By his addition to this writing does not mean i fully support him as a decent human being. I only support what he is trying to teach and apparently he is valued among the law enforcement community. That was my deciding point to include. I myself am a deeply flawed human being who is trying to improve daily.
===WW2 Islamic Nazi History===
====== Muslim Funerals====
 Added on 27 June 2016:
You have to be an acceptable Muslim who has done acceptable things in order to be buried in a traditional Muslim manor. The traditions are very strict and very exacting. I think I have a good starting point for your research.
====Muslim Obedience and submission====
The absolute surrender,
The complete submission,
The total obedience,
It Is exactly necessary for every Muslim to obey every aspect of all of their religious traditions. There is zero freedom of thought, zero freedom of insight, zero freedom of opinion, zero freedom of individual action.
Are you getting it yet? Are you understanding this little section? If any person surrenders, submits and is obedient to an authority. How much free will do they have? Can a person who has surrendered, submitted and is obedient to an authority do what ever they want for the benefit of that authority and without explicit or expressed permission to do a thing? Are you beginning to realize there are no lone wolf terrorists? and that all of Islam is at war with whoever is not of their exact Islamic religious sect.
Now go and research how many Islamic men are in each country or in your country. Know this that every Mosque will be used for any war fighting planning and terrorist activities. Including the selection of the Muslims who will do as they are instructed.
Now you know why all of the politicians of your country do as they are doing. Because, even in the USA.  No one wants a panic situation. No one wants to entice the Muslims to let lose their warriors out on the streets of America. If that were to happen for just one day. America would stop and so would the rest of the world. There are approximately 3.3 million Muslims in the USA and more are coming in every day through the federal government approval. Which means there are 500,00 -750,000 enemy combatants who train every day in their American gyms, dojos all across the country. Waiting for their orders of permission from their Muslim leadership. Are you understanding the absolute nature of this threat yet? and the power that Islam wields?
===No Islamic Lone Wolf-No Home Grown===
work in progress
====Islamic Sex Slaves, Rapes===
Do not read this section if this is to much for you to handle emotionally. Very adult Content.
Before content is scrubbed. You should grab all content ASAP. Especially if your far more important than me. Simple search Term. "Islamic Sex Slaves" You must continually adjust the date ranges back in time to obtain new articles. Do year ranges at single year periods. Go all the way back as far as you need. My list is just a sample. Use my sample to ascertain new search terms. There is one gay boy child story. You are warned.
-------------Rape Jihad-----------
====Media Censorship=======
 Added on 16 July 2016:
Do you want to know why you do not hear of any Islamic celebrations. How would you feel if you knew that far more than many celebrated every successful Islamic Terrorist attack? How can you know the truth when the truth is being censored.
I remember Muslim's celebrating in the streets, everywhere in the USA and was being reported. Then all of that news was gone. All of that video scrubbed.  Right after 11 September 2001. I was a witness to it.
 ===Possible French Cover up=====
Added on 18 July 2016: Remember always find the source. Do not just believe what some person says that some other person says that he thinks he believes.
====Muslim Refusal to Bury=====
Read this story and then think about all of the other attacks in which the Muslim soldiers were buried with acceptance and honor. This is reference to the Catholic Priest who throat was cut and killed. This goes far deeper than refusal to bury and to show the world that they reject this act of murder. Because, if the Muslim clerics, Imams and Muftis did not reject then it would be open season on them as well. The Islamic leadership enjoy wealth, comfort, safety and security. They do not want to be found in a dark dank hole like Saddam of Iraq.
====3rd Jihad===
Added on 05 Aug 2016: The video below is just over 1 hour. Better watch it and this is from 2012.
===American Jihad===
Added on Date:  The Islamic Plan for the absolute destruction of the USA. Expect 300 million deaths. Every building which is not Islamic in architecture. Shall be destroyed. All history destroyed.
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