Friday, June 17, 2016

Sinful Rat: Discovered Rat: Trapped Rat: (Unedited): 16 June 2016:

Sinful Rat: (Unedited): 16 June 2016:
Pride and arrogance seems to always lead the smart rat into the trap of sinful temptation.
Discovered Rat: (Unedited):  16 June 2016:
Guilt and repentance may not always come after the smart rat has been discovered going into the sinful trap of temptation.
Trapped Rat: (Unedited): 16 June 2016:
The prideful and arrogant smart rat may feign guilt and remorse. Only to rethink how to not get caught again in sin. That is until the sin trap springs closed breaking the rats spine and chokes the life out of him.
 The adulterers seem to have 2 phones and make secret visits to obscure parks. by parking in the back lot of that club of sin. Hiding your secret sin and endlessly hoping you won't ever be discovered. Eventually everyone is found out.
Even the very smart rats. Pretend to be remorseful. But, in reality have only better plans to not get caught again. Some of these smart rats even think that because they have not been caught they have become superior to the ones who place the traps. Never realizing that their spouse is no longer looking for their sin.
The young rats. Seem to move away. In order to do as they desire. Without harming their family with their own chosen sin. That is a self deluding lie. All sin harms everyone whom loves you.
I'm not saying everyone who travels across the country is going because of their desire to sin. It is just easier to sin when your in an area where no one knows who you are.
 Then there is the matter of God and all of the angels. Whom you cannot hide a single thought or memory from. Even false memories you have are seen as sin for they are the lies we tell ourselves so many times that we even begin to believe them as truths.
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