Saturday, June 11, 2016

Spiritual Status: (Unedited): 29 June 2016:

The status of your spirit,
The state of your mind,
and the condition of your heart
is superior to the health of your body.
It is the spirit which is superior over any aspect of your physical being. The mind, heart and body becoming so intuitively focused upon the spirit. The body becomes weaker as the importance of the spirit becomes dominant. Weaker does not mean sick or with disease. Weaker is just weaker.
The purity of your spiritual focus will be evident in your own light. If you focus upon Love, Peace, Harmony and life. Without the natural acceptance of the laws of God. Then your connection to the divine source shall be empty. Willful Holiness is crucial to any connection to God. Any sin will prevent you access or connection. Your pursuit of holiness and righteousness is crucial.
If your belief systems has been corrupted by politics, culture or religious leadership. Then your connection to God may be impossible to make or to maintain.
You must also keep your pride and ego under your feet. In the hopes that God will see you as righteous and holy in His own eyes. A true righteous holy person may not be the ones who wear suits or other clothing which separates the many from the religious few in church leadership like the Catholic Church. I tell you the truth a sinless homeless person shall be seen as holy and righteous more than the clean appearing Pope himself.
Through the willful acts of yourself to care for those in need in accordance to your ability. You shall find more satisfaction in this life then by simply tithing to a Catholic Pope who only wants to keep you away from Yahshua or Jesus Christ. If you want to see Jesus clothe the needy, feed the hungry, care for the sick, visit the imprisoned. These are just a few suggestions. In this modern age. There are many more things which can be done for those who are perpetually less fortunate than you. Even if they mock and curse you or even if they go without gratitude. Let them all that you assist go in peace and love. For one day, that little bit of love and peace shall crack their hardened shell around their heart and mind.