Thursday, June 23, 2016

Rose Part: Infinite Beauty: (Unedited): 23 June 2016:

Infinite Beauty: (Unedited): 23 June 2016:
The rose does not cry when her last flower is plucked. Rather she rejoices for in her beauty is in the infinite. More flowers shall come with their due efforts and in their due time.
Those that do. May be the ones who needs the most compassion, consideration, love and forgiveness. As they may think of themselves as not worthy of any compassion, consideration, love or forgiveness. In doing so and without any expectancy of any return. You show the world just how beautiful of a rose you truly are even though the whole of the world will want to pluck you from the branch. This is OK. Because you being the rose is just a part of who you are. Which will grow a new. The rose is just a part of you and not the whole of you. The roses which come from you is like your love, mercy, compassion and all of the other good qualities of you. They are all limitless and without ending. True beauty is within you and from the spirit, mind and heart of who you truly are. The physical part of you is just the part of you which emanates that which is from within you.
Who are those that do? What have they done or continue to do? 
Some people have spent their entire lives making mistakes and errors in judgements for almost forever as it may seem to them. Their never ending bad living state to them seems impossible to get out of. They are in that downward spiral which seems to be going no where and they are out of control. They may have even given up trying to be in control over their own lives.
Maybe the those that do are your parents? Or just your dad or just your mom. Maybe, the person is a grand parent or both. It doesn't matter. You were born into the family and each persons history is not your fault. Nor can you fix them and their problems. They may never be who you want them to be either. So all you can do is love them and continually give unto them you compassion, mercy and consideration. That is all. Is it fair for you? Of course not. Those thoughts of fairness and unfairness are weeds which will choke the beauty and love out of you. So fight all negative thoughts out of your mind daily.  
You can only do all of this when you are clean, sober and pure. 
Without any pride, ego or arrogance on your part. You are the humble gift to them. You are their renewed hope if they can ever choose to open their blind eyes and closed off minds to see and know something beautiful within them all still exists and is still among them. 
You are their fruit which is good, sweet and wonderful. Even though their vines are now barren of any fruit sweet or sour, healthy or sickly. You are a gift to them from a God who wants them to return to His family. 

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