Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Falling Away: Righteous Criminal: (Unedited): 27 June 2016:

During the falling away. The people will flee from their sinful churches/religions and modern songs of empty worship. In favor of the old time hymns in the secret privacy of their homes. This shall be evidence of those who reacquaint themselves with a life  of righteousness and holiness.
Righteous Criminals: (Unedited): 27 June 2016:
The righteous criminals sing with a subdued voice. From their private hymnals and softly speak one to another lessons from their secret Bibles.
 The falling away of the church in Christian prophecy. Are the interpretations correct? Who is going to fall away or is the falling away meant for all persons and religious organizations? Isn't allowing sin into your holy places a kind of falling away? Then publicly stating your now in agreement and accepting on going sinful actions as a rightful lawful freedom. Who is falling away? The church. Will individual people fall away? Those who were only religious and yet can seethe sin entering into their holy places. BUT, Those people who want or need righteousness and holiness in their lives. Will also flee from all manor of deception even if those deceptions originate from their religions and churches.
The righteous and holy people will begin to know. That just as those holy men had to prepare themselves before entering the holiest of places with sacrifices. We to must prepare ourselves with sacrifices before we can truly worship God. To be in sin and with every intention to continue on in sin. While you are worshiping God is a mockery of/to God and all that He is. It is like using Holy implements for your personal parties. Yea, go look that one up in the old testament. Is that where the hand was writing on the wall?
Christian Church denominations are falling away all over the planet. In the middle East a great Christian genocide is taking place and there will be no rapture for them. Only suffering as the Christian church begins to celebrate their acceptance of sin within their churches and denominations.
The falling away by the devout righteous and holy as only accepted by God. Just as the sacrifice of Able was accepted so to shall the righteous. While Cain's sacrifice through his willful disobedience was rejected. Then through Cain's rejection came murder. So to will the suffering shall be for the righteous and it shall be the righteous who will speak forgiveness and love before their last thoughts end with Jehovah/Yahweh/Yahshua. This will be a sign.
In the US. The presidential elections may take place. Assuming a bad thing does not happen and President Obama retains his office indefinitely through martial law. The election of either Hillery Clinton or Donald Trump as president will be a bad sign for Christians. Actually, one will be bad from an Apollo believing corporate worldly person and worse with a pay to play special interest liar and possible traitor. Her election will see more of Christianity become a worldly evil thing which must be controlled and criminalized. It will most likely get worse for the devout Christian who is unwilling to accept any form of sin as a legal free right. Loss of employment, loss of housing Loss of any government aid and medical care. Which will lead to homelessness and starvation. Pan handling for money is a crime in many places. So what are you going to do? Is your Christian faith that important. That you will allow your children to starve along with you? Fear not, the government wont allow that to happen. They will take your children. It is coming and will you endure unto the end? However that may happen.
A European nation takes the children of a family. Claiming the teaching of Christian values is abusive. A child who takes bible versus to school in California has the police called on him by the school.
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