Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Flee Christian Flee: (Unedited): 17 May 2016:


This is only for those people who have a history of prayer and meditation.
This is only for those people who are actually living their lives in righteousness and holiness as only recognized by God.
They may be the remnant. Even if you are not to be one of the remnant. Mathew 24:13, Then be the one who perseveres to the end will be saved. Know matter how the end shall come upon you. Be the good and faithful servant. 
This is not and is about the rapture. Assuming it is or isn't a false teaching. You must open up your mind to the fact that there are many false teachings. The rapture may be one of those false teachings. Just as the prosperity teaching is a false teaching.
Now is the time to make your move and become settled before 2022. If you are having the urging to move. Then make it so.Pray and mediate always and before you do a thing. Fast before doing a thing. My use of the 2022 date is only a reference to the next coming Shemitah. The USA is no longer the economic leader in the world. The USA in 2015 sinned against God by legalizing gay marriage. The false god Kali was illuminated in New York City. Temples to the false god baal is to be made in New York City. The gay pride rainbow symbol illuminated the white house and other places across the USA. The rainbow is a holy symbol of God. Satan statute placed in Detroit. You have read the Holy Bible. What happened to Israel when they moved away from the protection of God and then entertained other gods? What happened to Israel when they wrongly used holy temple implements to celebrate other gods? Go find, read and study it for yourself. But, you the reader should already know and then go there in your Bibles.
2015 is the year of the fallen USA. Will the destruction of the USA come before this coming up election cycle or in the 2022 Shemitah? Only God knows. We lowly humans can only project possibilities and probabilities.
Choose a place which seems mostly devoid of every manor of sin. Alcohol, drugs, LGBTQ organized people and racism.
You may have to come together with other people who are like minded and who claim to be on the righteous and holy path. You may have to establish or be a part of an organized movement. In the literal sense.
Do not be around or have any relationships with those people who are actively engaged in sin or sinful rights. Because, if they know who you are and your beliefs. Then they have already been judged with a great delusion and their freedom to change from wrong to right is no longer possible. They will just be entertained and ridicule you because of your perceived idiotic way of thinking.
Be sure your Christian beliefs and faith are not conditional on the physical saving of your own skin and the physical saving of your family. There will be many martyrs. It may be given for you, your family and your friends to be martyrs. I'm saying this to myself as well. My hope is in something greater than my human body and human comforts. My hope is in something more than human rights and human freedoms. May yours and my last thought be of God and of forgiveness to those who may or will do you a great wrong.