Sunday, July 3, 2016

Prophets Silence: Silenced prophets: (Unedited): 03-04 July 2016:

Once the people have been righteously judged. The prophets no longer need to speak divine truths and shall be silenced. 
Silenced Prophets: (Unedited): 04 July 2016:
Once the people have been judged. The prophets shall be silenced and the prophets disappearance shall not even be in the awareness of those who have been judged. 
Jehovah does only what is right and just. No human can question or even understands why He does what He does. So to when judgement befalls upon a people. In their ignorance and arrogance. They know not they have already been judged. The crazy and insane prophets which spoke to everyone in gibberish have all been silenced and the people who have already been judged shall be unaware of the silence. Maybe, even the living legends like Billy Graham shall be taken home as evidence. The timing of this great reverends birth and death shall be perfect. His death shall be celebrated by everyone for different reasons. The Great Reverend Billy Graham is a sign. This is all I know. I do not know the depth but I do feel it is a very strong lesson. Very similar to what Israel has had to go through. When they have sinned and had rejected all aspects of Jehovah.
The already judged people shall go on with their lives. Being married, Having babies. living their lives however they shall choose. Living in sin without any guilt or remorse. Completely apathetic to all of those they have harmed all along the way. Even when Noah and his family was locked away in their great ship. No one noticed. Only when the strange rain began to fall and the noise of roaring waters in the distance did they finally know the truth. All of their doom was at hand and only 8 human adults were saved. So to shall it be when doomsday comes for the once protected people. they shall know a protracted extinction.
In order to avert any righteous disaster which comes because of the divine and righteous judgement of Jehovah. You must flee and reject all sin. You must create a history of prayer and fasting as only accepted by Jehovah. You must become righteous and holy as only accepted by Jehovah. AND you must do all of this by your own free choice. All without any fear's, threat's or intimidation's. All because you know it is the right thing to do and you have that desire to want to do what is right, just and true.
If you do not care. Then apathy is a sign of being already righteously judged.
Do you remember the blue words I have often written of:
To Love one another always.
To live in peace with everyone
To exist in harmony with all things.
To cherish all life.
To obey the commandments of God because it is the right and wise thing to do and not because you have to or are forced to.
Soon even these blue words will fade away from consciousness from all human beings who have been judged as their own free choice and free will has already been taken from them.
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