Monday, July 4, 2016

What Home Is: (Unedited): 04 July 2016:

The evidence of a fractured family can be seen in the children who lose the conceptual understanding of what home is. 
Hearing children talk can be very revealing. A young person comes to a school for a public event. He is alone but wants to play a sport. His mom is in jail and his dad is where ever. What he says is his address is "where he stay at". His friend also has an address of "where he stay at". He stays with an aunt and is not with him for support. Another friend is also staying at a place but just didn't show up for an event he really wanted to go to.
Yep. This caused the flashback time. Back to my foster care days. In which I knew that those families and homes were just places I was staying at. It never occurred to be that they would ever become a home. The word home, family and love were concepts in which I had no real experience or understanding of.
Today, In the presence of my children I posed the question "What is home?" Along with the other words like what, why, How and who. Their answers are private for all of you readers. But, I smiled and the knowing that they all knew. Is a wonderful feeling. That a former foster kid of two different states. Having Endured various forms of abuse and torture. Having coming close to death many times. A family has been established in spite of the fact that we have been just one level above being homeless for the last twenty six plus years. Yet for all of our financial hardship. Our children know what home is. In that hope. I hope the lessons of family and home make it to the grand kids and great grand kids as something which is important to know and to work for.
You do not have to be poor and not know what home is. You can also be very wealthy. I have seen this to. Where children have become strangers to their own parents. To such a degree that the children prefer the relationship with non family members over their own flesh and blood relatives. But, the mom and dad still provide them cash, cars and credit cards. I've watched them drunk and drugged up. Of course this is not every rich kid or every kid who grows up in unfortunate circumstances.
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