Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Gratitude Seedlings: Unfurled Blessings: Beautiful Weed:(Unedited): 06 July 2016:

By doing more than expressing gratitude of your past. Your thankfulness Shall become those seedlings of a hopeful future to come. 
 it is easy to express thanks without actually feeling the gratitude within you. Especially, when cultural and social expectations almost force/demand you to express thanks for things or when an occurrence for your behalf has been finished.
Can you take gratitude to that next level above cultural or social expectations?
Can you take gratitude to that level where not only are you thankful for all of the good things which have come to you in life but for all of the bad things as well?
Because the good things can make you a stronger or better human being when it was you who had created your own trials and tribulations. What do I mean by this? The person who takes that very difficult class does their personal best with a huge effort and comes out with a "C-". The nonathletic or disabled person who takes a karate class and achieves their highest belt rating. Even if it is not a black belt. The adult person who has spent 10-20 years and finally learns the alphabet. The athlete who does their thing for hours everyday not because they have to but because they have to. Do you understand the difference. There is a difference.
Once you achieve your thing. You become better for it. Are you ready for the ugly.
Those who have been abused and tortured throughout their lives and becomes free of it. First is forgiveness and then the process of being thankful can begin. How can someone forgive a person who repeatedly rapes a young person over much time? That one is tough for me to fathom and yet I can and have forgiven my dead adoptive parents for what they have done to me. I have forgiven those who knew and yet did nothing. I have forgiven those who knew I was a waste of effort or time.
Forgiveness had to be first and more than just words. Even though I had to express forgiveness often and over many years.
All of the bad and sad which occurred in your life and in mine. Was our crucible forced upon us and we survived it all. Granted it may have been by the skin of your/my teeth or by an awful lot of lucky things which happened in unexplained timings. It was all of those unwanted and undesired things which has made you who you are today. Are you better for it? Are you stronger for it? Will you become better from those fires of living in virtual hell all of those years and decades?
Becoming north of 50 Years old. I can say I've become a better human being because of all of the abuses and tortures I have endured in my life. If it wasn't my body it would have been another body.
Unfurled Blessings: (Unedited): 06 July 2016:
So what can happen when after you have genuinely forgiven and have genuinely become thankful of your unfortunate past? Those are two of your own seedlings in which you will have to grow, to cherish, to love, to nourish. Then just wait and see the blessings unfurl like a most beautiful of flower. 
Beautiful Weed: (Unedited): 06 July 2016:
Even a unwanted, unloved, and abused weed which has be denied and poisoned from anything positive. Can yet show it's own beautiful flower if the weed just doesn't ever give up. Always show your wonderful beauty in-spite of those who only want to continuously trample you. 
Personal Note: I do not believe in "Luck" in any degree. Unexplained spooky good things which is beyond physical and mental awareness can happen for your benefit. Which is reflective of an emotional intelligence behind the unexplained happenings. Which is why a phrase dumb luck can be expressed by unaware and unbelieving people.
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