Saturday, July 9, 2016

October Exodus: (Unedited): 09 July 2016:

Fear of the Immediate unknown and sudden uncertainty will always precede a forced October exodus. Those who have faith in Jehovah shall always be certain in what they know
Those who have faith in Jehovah are obedient to His words by a wanting choice.
The faithful do have a history of fasting, of prayer, of meditation.
The faithful do have a history of having become righteous and holy only as accepted by Jehovah only.
The faithful do have a history of rejecting and fleeing from all sin. Which is accepted, seen and known by Jehovah.
Remember when Moses said to the Pharaoh Let my people go. How many times did Moses say that to the ruling god of the planet? Did the slaves know what that was going to mean and how they would suffer and die in a desert for over forty years. Yet Israel was disobedient often.   Because, of their disobedience. They had to suffer for it. Even Moses was denied entry into the promised land.
The term exodus is very loose. It can even mean a permanent departure from a comfort and safe zone into an uncomfortable and unsafe zones. No safety or security. But, It can also mean leaving an emergency zone and into a so called safe caged area.
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