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Will WW3 go Hot?: (Unedited): 10 July 2016:

The new additions are at the bottom of this blog and dated. I think it is very important for you to go down and study Jonathan Cahn. 
This should be considered another less than 90+/- day drill. Get yourself a bag and fill it with 89 pieces of paper with the words not today. Get 1 piece of paper of the same exact size that only says now. Now means now. Mix it all together. Very well and always mix it all together very well daily. Then select a single piece of paper at a different time everyday. Then do or don't do now. An unknown and uncertain kind of emergency situation will happen at a time you least expect it. Which may mean the big Earth quakes happen which causes California to experience severity. The big one could cause volcanic activity and other Earthquakes to occur because of a fast release in pressures. Thus, causing the Madrid zone to fracture as well. Or the Russian and American difficulties which are ramping up right this very moment. Could begin with a nuclear detonation from North Korea over somewhere America. Which means all technology which is not in a properly made Faraday cage and properly protected within is dead. Beyond the ability for any sort of repair. This includes that very cool LED flashlight.
Another game of preparation is the action you must take when the leader is known to have disappeared. Like president Putin did. So when a leader is known to have disappeared. So do you and your group. Which means silence and stealth. Just like someone got a can of "Prepper B Gone" and sprayed over all of you.
The theory of EMP attack may have been modified in terms of warfare. It may be necessary to lead every attack with a blanket EMP weapon or a directed energy EMP weapon. This is to ensure that your missiles have a clear path towards their very specific destination. So count on missiles which have active RADAR on board to self detonate when in close proximity to incoming defensive or offensive missiles or both. These Missiles can be used in a push back strategy.
So when in survival mode. Keep your tech in the properly built Faraday cage at all times and properly protected. There may not be just one EMP detonation. There may be many. Especially when the actual conflict begins to get close to you. Close can be a relative term when dealing with nuclear and EMP.
Here is very real life news that no one is reading. Except you. Read below and then follow your own thinking. Russia and the USA had expelled two each of the others diplomats. This is usually a sign before war goes hot. European and American military's are being deployed to the Russian borders. It doesn't matter who the bad guy is. Your just a common person. Anything which happens will have a direct affect upon you and your family. The US has deployed 6 Aircraft carrier battle groups to various places and has the rest are in docks for repairs, refits and modernization's or all of the above.  This is very uncommon for the USA.

I really hope this a rumor of war and not become hot. But, Ukraine is mobilizing their approximately 2800 Main Battle Tanks right now along the front line with Russia.
There is a lot more militarily going on than I have stated here. The seriousness is very dire. I hope reasonable cool heads emerge. A WW3 Will not be a WW2. WW3 will be global and with minimal front line activity. WW3 will also involve attacks in orbital space.
Russian Police attack Diplomat. In Russian video.
 Added on 14 July 2016: Russia News:

Can the USA, NATO and other allies all plan for a war and not tell their own people? Is all that they are doing designed to provoke a response from Russia in secret? Is this the game to provoke a response in order to appear to be the good guys. So who are the bad guys here and who are the good guys. I'm starting to think this is more serious than the Cuban missile crisis. Do you remember that ordeal from the history books? And virtually no one cares to be aware of this. It is only the threat of war. Yes, It seems it will start in Europe. But, It will go into those assets in orbit and then onto the helpless mainland USA. Which has zero defenses. Remember that was how (MAD) Mutually Assured Destruction is supposed to work and yet Russia is very well defended from any flying threat.
18-22 July 2016: Turkey has Nukes from NATO and the USA. Count the Nukes. I believe Turkey is now lost to NATO and will become a part of the Islamic Caliphate with Nuclear weapons. It may already be to late for NATO or the USA to retrieve the nuclear weapons and their delivery systems. If it is not to late. Get those NUKES NOW. Get those nukes out of Turkey. All of them.
The American air base in Turkey is still without power as of reporting 13-22 hours ago. Everyone under lock down since the Coup in Turkey.
It seems that every Mosque is a multi purpose facility. It's primary design is to be used as a military barracks and all  of the believers are actually soldiers. Read actual quote from Mr. Erdogan.

“The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers"
Recep Tayyip Erdogan

For future watching. Italy also has nukes at two bases. Italy may become the crown jewel for Islam. France is in the perfect place as a launching point for any action against Rome. By creating so much chaos, fear and uncertainty. Will allow Islam to easily bring in holy warriors, weapons and bombs. These coming Islamic holy warriors will be the nicest, most productive and most obedient of all Europeans. Until, the time arises that they are to move and sack Catholic Rome. While at the same time. These Islamic holy warriors will also be the most highly physically fit, highly trained in hand to hand combat and in a variety of weapons.
Jonathon Cahn Updates: It is highly recommended that you study this man. Buy his books. Logically and emotionally Repent and begin your freely self chosen path to Jesus/righteousness. Which shall include a history of prayer and fasting. As with anything. You check everything from the Bible. Are we the ones alive today who will see the elimination of the USA from the world?
Added on 20 July 2016: The new British Prime Minister Theresa May on Nuclear war. Only after 9 days of becoming Prime Minister. Supports LGBT rights. Could she become the Christian prophesied harlot? Or will Hillary Clinton still win the presidency to become the harlot?
-----Russia to launch military satellites---
Added on 31 July 2016:
Turkey in the news again. This time. Turkish police and military forces surround NATO Incirlik Airbase.
NATO and US personnel needs to abandon Turkey. Remove all personnel and all assets ASAP. Yes, this include all nuclear weapons. I would also destroy all buildings and runways. Turkey is lost.
There is zero news from any western mainstream News Media outlets. This is suspicious.
===Ukraine War==
Added on 07 Aug 2016: Who is at fault? Who are the good guys? Why does not the American media report on this. Black lives matter but not Russian lives. Does NATO and the USA support a leader who is destroying and killing civilians who can only run away. Is this genocide in action? Is the American Government supporting genocide in action against civilians who cannot defend themselves? Go and research non-propaganda materials. It will take some effort to find them.
56 minute video report: Last 4 minutes graphical importance.

Added on 13 April 2018:
Yes, WW3 will go hot. The USA will lose and permanently end. The great experiment will conclude. Russia's and China's victory will be short lived. Long enough for the Russian leader to die. Then the truth shall be realized. All of humanity has become the greatest loser on this planet. One reason why all of this is going to happen is because of the purple words below. So all of humanity becomes extinct except for those few selected souls who are taken. The entire Earth reverts back to a molten ball of fire. Causing all which has ever been known to disappear. There is more than one way to prevent all of which is coming. By wanting to become like the purple words below.
Added on 13 April 2018: I'm not anti-American and you should not consider anything I write as anti-American. You should know that we are a nation of "We the people" which means all actions of our government is all collectively all of our faults. Which includes the passing of any law which is contrary to the will and laws of God. When we the people vote and put into place laws based on sin. It will be we the people who will pay the consequences for all of those sinful laws. When we the people allow sin to openly show itself in the public square. It is we the people who will pay for allowing it, permitting it and doing nothing to stop it. Do not think for one single moment that the blood of babies will not fall upon your own head and it will not matter how much you disagreed with it.
For righteous Judgement will come for "We the People".
Added on 09 May 2018:
The Holy Bible does teach that any bad and sad prophecy can be mitigated or prevented. Once clear revelation is made. Everything can change. It is now known openly what Russia is planning for Alaska and North west Canada invasion. It is now openly known what Russia is planning to do with the build up of a strategic first strike option as well as having the capability to defend its own entire land mass against any aerial attack of any kind. What do you think the Russian plan is? Russia has been able to create new and modernized weapons while the USA has become an old worn out war horse. Even though that old worn out war horse will still kick your teeth in.
The Americans themselves can change their coming judgement just as Nineveh had done in those days of Jonah. The Americans must collectively repent and flee from all sin. The Americans must collectively seek the righteous and holy path in all aspects of their lives. A clue is the purple words below. Then maybe, God will stay his wrath for a while. But, there is that one last innocent soul and if he/she is harmed and maybe murdered then all bets are off.
You professed Christians who do nothing and fear for your own safety. So you are quiet and refuse to participate in your own government that God has given to you. Well, The evil doers are taking it all and the USA will become a New Babylon or already has. Once those evil doers have been elected to all offices at every level of city, county, state and federal government. You Christians will be denied access into any free use of society. Christians will continue to be jailed. Christians will continue to lose their businesses, wealth and livelihoods. Christians will be accused, harmed and murdered. With zero option for any justice. Except for those who are underneath the throne of God. So enjoy these last few years of plenty. For the next many years you Christians will want and receive not. Then you may realize that both Russia and China will bring judgement to your nation and their will be nothing you can do to stop it. For even the righteous in Israel had to endure the fall of their nation and became enslaved eunuchs.
Russia and china will glory in their one sided victory. All of Islam will celebrate as they participate in millions of atrocities all over America, Canada and Europe daily. Hispanics and Latinos will rush back to their native lands only to endure and die at the face of evil. Which will be before them all.
But, God will cause this entire planet to revert back to its original liquid and molten state of purification. All of humanity which was left on this planet will be completely erased. Yes, all! Including all Russian and all Chinese. God used you for His righteous judgement and then ended all of you. No one will win, not any human or any angel. Righteous judgement comes for us all. Only God wins. So enjoy your coffee and chocolates today. Put forth a good day of work. Go see your families and friends. Tell them all of those important positive things you should tell them. Express love, seek forgiveness and offer forgiveness. Then if you continue on in these endeavors and actually begin to love and to cause no soul any harm. Then maybe.
Are we in the end times yet? Yes and no. Living in Florida its like waiting on a hurricane. You know it is coming as you hope and pray it will go another way. But, the prayers of the righteous availeth much. If you are not righteous and holy in the eyes of God. Then maybe your not one of His children. Even though you may have been in the church or religion for decades.
Late evening. I forgot to add.
Once the USA and Europe are neutralized for their evil disobedience and they will. China will take over Russia. Russia will not have enough bullets, bombs, population or missiles. Islam will focus on China and the separatist Russian states. Islam will also execute or sacrifice the Catholic Pope and the rest of the catholic leadership upon the Pope's own altar in Rome.
Once hostilities begin. About 5 billion souls will die in the first 3.5 years. The human population of earth will continue to diminish until zero population is achieved in about than 100 years or less. But, the creator of this solar system will arrive and He will be very upset. No negotiations. No mercy. Probably no talking. He will cause the entire planet to become a molten liquid fire ball for the purposes of purification. All that which remains in the Earth system. Will be erased. Except that which He decides to save. So what do you wanna do ye rulers of the world. Being obedient to the fallen prince leads to the end result I just finger pecked into this wired typewriter board. Guess what the fallen prince who causes you to believe he is a god. He Knows his fate and is bringing humanity with him. The purple words below is one way to prevent or mitigate all bad and sad prophecies.
11 May 2018: News check.
Ask yourselves. Which countries support either Israel or Iran?  This is how things can go out of control. Especially since China is the trigger which begins the extinction process for all of humanity. To be this trigger is a choice that the entire Chinese leadership has made through their actions. It matters not if the Chinese leadership even considers themselves as any kind of trigger or under the trigger finger of some unknown entity which will squeeze them. How to take that step back? Especially Russia, China, NATO and the USA? To change the future? It is all about your actions. If each of your individual actions are peaceful and based on the foundation of love. Then The coming extinction of humanity can be mitigated for a time like as was told about in the story of Jonah. While at the same time it is prophesied that stars will fall and cause much destruction and death. If I remember correctly. One will fall in an ocean and the other on land. So if all of the powerful nations work together instead of against each other to mitigate these two coming problems. Then maybe those fates will be mitigated to some unknown degree. Which means all of those important nations remove the funding to build their war machines and into protecting our Earth from whatever might be out there.
China's other possible future. China leads the whole human race out further than we have ever been before. All China has to do is stop building their own war machines and move all of those funds into their own space agency (CNSA). I've already written about this in older writings. China is both the best hope and the worst fate. Besides if you remove the trigger then who has the power squeeze you?
Russia and China still have much propaganda power in the world. Yet, they do not use it. Which means a status quo is in effect. Maybe it will remain in effect until both Russia and China know they can economically survive an economically hard bankrupt USA.
I Think Iran just tested Israel. Iran paid. But also the God of Israel will also curse the Iranian military in some way. All of you world leaders need to know that how you bless or curse Israel will also become your own reward or curse upon you. Think about this Russia. In some prophecies the majority of Israel is destroyed and yet you are also destroyed by China. China will also suffer deeply when and if they send their military into any action against israel. China may think they can lose some. But if the God of Israel decides to repay by percentage. That would become a very hard hit for China and Russia. So be warned. Israel is in sin and may be made to pay for their sins again. Even if God uses you to slap Israel. You will still have to pay because the God of Israel already said it a long time ago. Those who bless Israel He will Bless and those who curse Israel He will curse. So you may win - but not!
As of today and right now. The whole of the end time events for all of humanity is still very valid. The entire world system will not only end but it all will be erased and the whole of the Earth purified. But, all of humanity still have a choice. Except for those who have already been judged.
12 June 2018: USA going isolationist? Via President Trump's attitude. Will this cause all of Europe to become better economic friends with Russia and China? Can and will this economic trade offset all monies with the USA? Can this begin an economic downturn for the USA?
Strategically this will be a boon for both Russia and China. If relations get worse between the USA and the rest of their own allies. Then any attack on the USA from North Korea, Russia, China or even an Islamic style Tet offensive all over the USA or all of the above at one time. They all will turn a deaf ear to the plight of the Americans.
Russia would have to alter their plans from forming a beachhead in the northernmost region of the Yukon Territory in Canada. From a canadian beachhead. the Russian forces can quickly sweep south by southwest into Alaska. Thus, reaching Fairbanks and those pesky missiles at Ft. Greely. Since the Canadian government is now upset with the USA. To keep the Canadians from defending the USA which isn't really substantial. Then the Russians would want to stay off of Canada Territories. By doing so the rest of Europe won't get involved either. Whose prophecies is that? Nostradamus.
Added on 18 June 2018:
Worldwide total Nuclear bomb inventory stands at about 14,465? down from 14,935? from last year. Good news? maybe? Unless the nations are better at hiding them all. You know the old strategy of hiding your strategic reserve forces.
President Putin of Russia. Is still making headway on his total missile offensive and defensive shield. This is further evidence that Russia has left MAD a long time ago and continues to do so in secrecy. Except when satellites imagery shows the evidence of possible placements of mobile intermediate missiles which can have EMP and nuclear warheads. The recent missile salvo of four White Sea launch from a submarine is further evidence that Russia is threatening Norway, Sweden, Finland and all of Europe. But, Russia must test being able to launch missiles through the ice sheet.
It is up to you to ascertain authenticity of any story I post at any time and anywhere. I use copy and paste for your safety and security. What you see is what you get.
Added on 09 July 2018:
Iran and North Korea are threatening again. China made President Trump blink. Rumors of a civil war emerge in the USA as the liberal socialist supporters attack anyone who supports President Trump at the encouragement of elected leaders. New from Russia that they are officially out of MAD and other treaties. Well not really official but through their new weapons programs. To me actions is louder than words. Russia still building up their military infrastructure in the North. Which is becoming more than just a defensive picket and an invasion staging area. Just like the Chinese aircraft carrier islands in the South China sea. China may be able to sweep all the way through New Zealand and Australia without encountering much defense from Australia or new Zealand. When and if China and Russia begin their hot war of WW3. They will use a kill them all approach. Russia will have to as the Russian military personnel is few in comparison to what China can build. This is an old communistic approach. This is before eliminating any and all probable human threats which is typically ten percent of the population. But in nations which have been free for as long as the USA has been. That ten percent may go as high as fifty percent of threats to be killed by any communist takeover. But, before the Russian and Chinese alliance of nations can go forth. The USA must be eliminated from world affairs.

To weaken American or any other nation through destabilization is always a good strategy. This American civil war threat is a part of it. I wonder if outside nations are supporting the democratic party and the liberal socialists in their activities. There will be a first shot fired. The liberal socialist democrat will attack and bully the wrong helpless Trump supporter. Blood will flow. If not prestaged by upset Trump supporters.

To avert all of the coming bad and sad prophecies. We each must decide to do the following everyday, every hour, every minute and every second.

To Love one another.

To live in peace with everyone.

To exist in harmony with all.

To Cherish all life.

To be obedient to the Laws of God.

To become righteous and holy by the accepting eyes of God only.
All without pride, ego, arrogance, supremacy or entitlements.
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