Thursday, July 21, 2016

Guilty Grace: (Unedited): 21 July 2016:

By the Judgement of God. We are all guilty because of our sinful nature/spirit, corrupted thinking and contaminated being. 
But, through the grace of God by the perfect saving sacrifice of Jesus Christ. We are all forgiven and free. Through the mystery of the three in one. 
There is nothing for us to do or can do. In every aspect of who we each individually was, are and will be. We can do nothing for ourselves to be acceptable in any way to God. So God had to to it all. Everything in the last 6000+/- years. Just to save us from ourselves. That's unconditional and undeserved Love.
After, You realize what Jesus had done for each of us and you accept it through faith. The changes do begin if you let it. You begin to want to become a good son/brother or daughter/sister. You do this by staying in the Word/Bible. You begin to pray often and always. You begin to fast for others as well as situations. You begin to reject and flee from all sin. Thus, is only the beginning and over time as you develop a continuous history of these good habits. You shall with all humility become righteous, holy and without blemish or spot accepted by only your Heavenly Father.
Flee from all sin. Even from the church you have loved for so long. When your church, denomination or religion accepts and brings sin into the holy places. Do not associate with them ever again. Until, they have turned away from those sins.
This includes any LGBTQ person who is allowed to hold any position of authority. If you continue to attend these places. You also will suffer along with them all. For it is assigned for the remnant to be separated from the whole which have become corrupted, contaminated and with a great many soiled spots. If you remain among the sinners who continue to sin without shame or any intention to change from their evil ways. Then it is you who will share as it is not you who has the power to change them. Only your heavenly Father can do that if they had not already been judged. For I tell you the truth before Noah cut down the first tree. The whole world had already been judged. Do not become as Lot's wife had. For even a remnant can be separated from their parents and siblings who they love and care for much. Never to see or to know them again.

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