Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Accusing Devil: (Unedited): 20 July 2016:

Be warned of those within your organization who always accuse others. For their attitude only pretends to be a caring employee when in fact they are just a devil spirit who finds power and thrills in others torments. 
It is interesting how only one can make it into an organization. Gain the trust of the leadership and/or managing team. Then become the eyes and ears of them. The vast majority of these are very beneficial. It is the few whom I'm talking about. It is those who only accuse others of wrong while offering zero benefit to the company by any other means. These devil spirits spend so much time spying and accusing others that their productivity is very low. But, everyone in management/leadership likes him/her. The management and leadership teams have all been blinded by this one person. This one person is or can be the sole cause of a demoralized workforce.
It would be better off to fire this person outright and even pay for their unemployment benefits. In doing so. Your entire corporate structure will breathe and feel the pleasant atmosphere you once had. All aspects of your business will improve. Virtually over night. there will be a positive shock that your employees will feel and this may cause sluggishness in your recovery. But, once your workforce gets your train steaming and heading with a decisively forward momentum. They will smile and wont be stopped. Until you the leadership and management team screws up again.
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