Monday, July 18, 2016

Death Logical Conclusion: (Unedited): 18 July 2016:

Death is the planned logical conclusion through our continued individual disobedience of the law, that we all willfully choose to disobey. In breaking one law you break them all. Having lawless and sinful thoughts that you allow to continue within your own mind means you have already broken all of the laws yet again. Even if those thoughts originated outside of your creative imagination. 
Who owns your thoughts and desires? Do you or some superior being who interferes with you because of your own unwillingness or unawareness of such things and beings.
Entertaining wrongful thoughts and desires is a sin. It matters not if the thoughts and desires are from your own mind and heart or from outside of you. No matter the source. Your continuation of the wrongful thought or desire is a sin. A wrongful thought and desire which just pops into your mind and heart. Which is fought/combated by your into nothingness is not a sin. But rather it is your victory. Does that mean they will be gone forever? Of course not. The evil ones will just wait when your tired, hungry, weary, sad or depressed. Then those evil ones will yet again insert those thoughts and desires. Or manifest weak minded humans to make your sins secretly possible to accomplish. Life is also a planned logical conclusion. The purple words below. 
To Love one another always.
To live in peace with everyone
To exist in harmony with all things.
To cherish all life.
To obey the commandments of God because it is the right and wise thing to do and not because you have to or are forced to.
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