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Imaginary Entertainment: (Unedited): 14 July 2016:

Even if it is a matter of life and death. You cannot logically reason with a person who has been consumed with imaginary entertainment. 
I think I wrote this because of President Putin and his speech with journalists.
Here it is:
Here are others. I think meaningful.
=====Boring Rant=========
17 July 2016:
It is just weird. To watch a hundred random grown adult people walking aimlessly around Sims park with their cell phones in their hands trying to capture an imaginary animal. especially when the whole world is falling apart. France attack. Turkey Coup (Sign). Black Lives matter day of rage which I heard never really happened. Two possible Oligarchical people want to be President of the USA. One is a pay to play special interest person. The other a corporate minded charismatic blonde bully of sorts. Everyone thinks one or the other is a good choice. I guess I'm the only one on the planet who doesn't think so and is not playing imaginary games while the planet is falling apart.
I just do not think you can reason with or even save a person who has decided that a silly pocket monster game is more important than real life. WW3 is a very real possibility right now and people are walking, riding to find a Pokemon. Really. War spreading in Ukraine and Poland preparing for war. So are other countries facing Russia. The US Navy has 6 aircraft carrier battle groups out to sea. With the others in ports for active repair and active modernization. no words on our subs, They are classified anyway.
You better keep an eye out on your political leaders. Because when they go into hiding as in all of them including Mr President Putin. Something is up. But, no lets all play Pokemon Go. Does anyone care that the USA and NATO may be the bad guys here? I'm Not saying that President Putin is the good guy either. We just do not know the truth. And the media is not telling it. None of them. It doesn't matter if your on the Fox side of sexual harassment or the CNN side of Communist News Network.
Did you know that some diplomats were kicked out of Russia and the USA? Tit for tat.
Did you know that North Korea closed off the only line of communication with the USA?
and more and more bad things are happening. But, lets all play Pokemon Go.
Does it matter to you that the USA and NATO may be provoking a war with Russia? Which also means with China, Iran and maybe some South American Communistic hard liners.
Lets go play Pokemon to get robbed or find dead bodies, or get into accidents. But, you can't as of this writing. The servers crashed and Mr. President Putin is frustrated that he cannot talk with you and the seriousness of the situation that we are all in. Yes we are all in this and we are all ignoring the situation. But, guess who gets to go fight in the wars that the political leaders start? Your children and mine. This could be worse than the Cuba Missile crisis and your not even aware just how helpless the 48 states are to any kind of an attack. Remember "MAD" mutually Assured Destruction except now there is no Mutual. Russia has almost protected their entire country with new advanced RADAR installations.
How can any leadership provoke a war and not tell their citizens? What is worse by not telling their citizens? No one prepares. Thus, when serious hardships begin. Everyone is surprised. Besides who hates Russia or China? I do not know anyone who hates either country and then suddenly they will be our enemies. Is this right?
But, Don't worry. Just go find your little monsters until the quick shinny light happens. That's when it will get real and know that our elected leaders provoked it all. But, again no worries they will be safe in their secret (COG) continuation of Government bunkers with all of their families and select friends. That you and I paid for. There has to be a lot of Pokemon's at Sims park. Maybe you should sneak over there and not get caught like that closed zoo couple. Good Night.
Mr. Putin, If your ever out this way. I'll share with you a cold Publix green tea and offer you a sit on my dirty lawn mower shack couch. Come prepared for hot or stormy Florida Gulf Coast weather.
Added on 25 Oct 2016 @9PM:
Americans are just insane. 250 Native or indigenous tribes have come together at Standing Rock North Dakota. Abuses rampant against them all. Their only weapon is prayer and dance.
Russia and 40 million Russians prepare for nuclear war. Both Russia and China call on their citizens to prepare for nuclear war with the USA. There is a lot of other very threatening news. Really and no one either knows or cares.
But guess what about 8 hours ago a new Call of Duty the world goes mad video featuring a famous pool sea monkey (Michael Phelps). So what is the message? When the world falls apart fall into gaming. Just insanity.
Added on 27 Oct 2016: Another gaming video on Call of Duty Terminal Tours which suggests to the viewer to forget the real world and just play a game about war and your death.
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