Saturday, July 16, 2016

Wrong Fate: (Unedited): 14 July 2016:

The degree of wrong thinking, wrong intentions and wrong doing/actions matters not when the fate of the world is at stake. Extinction affects all life. No matter their UN-involvement. 
To Love one another always.
To live in peace with everyone
To exist in harmony with all things.
To cherish all life.
To obey the commandments of God because it is the right and wise thing to do and not because you have to or are forced to.
If all of humanity freely begins to think these purple words, Make these purple words apart of their every day intentions and to go forth expressing in every day action these purple words. Then the vast majority of all of the bad and sad prophecies ever written or spoken shall be as nothing. 
===Prophets Warning=====
 Watch out for the self professed prophets of God or of the other gods whom they will not name. For they may desire to be first and to be right before anyone else. So they can be celebrated as the best prophet. 
Watch out for prophets who profess bad and sad things will come without also expressing or revealing how to avoid the coming bad and sad event(s). 
I'm not a prophet. I'm just a deeply flawed human being who is just trying to figure this stuff out. I'm also a hypocrite, who is trying to maintain being good and I fail at being good often.  If you want answers look to your sword and to the rest of your armor of God. If you personally tend to the care and the condition of your full armor of God. Then you shall not be deceived. Pray, Meditate, Contemplate and fast in all things. Create a history of these actions in private and humility. Without (Minimally) revealing to anyone. Those closest to you should assist you in your fasting. Even if it is a gentle and loving smack upside the head.
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