Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Prophecy T.V. Guide: (Unedited): 11 July 2016:

In the modern day of apathetic hearts and unreasonable minds. Prophecy will become like a spiritual T.V. Guide.
Think about this. Think about prophecy. What is the purpose of prophecy?
The purpose of any bad and sad prophecy is to cause the people to take responsible action in the prevention of the prophecy. To the best of their collective abilities and is a responsibility of all humanity. If the people cannot prevent the foretold bad and sad event(s). Then all of the people do their best to mitigate the event(s).
Such as with the story of Joseph and the Pharaoh. The living human god Pharaoh had a dream. Joseph who was in prison interpreted the dream. To shorten and paraphrase Joseph's response. Were all gonna die after the seasons of plenty.
So Joseph was made #2 of all and with his gift of organization. Joseph saved them all, even a human god ruler.
In that story alone is all of the lessons you need to basically know about prophecy and how to either prevent or mitigate it or them.
Today, in this modern era. Prophecy has become a source of entertaining knowledge. Much like a T.V. Guide. What is going to happen and when? Who will be the star of the next prophetic event? The excitement of the news and how it matches prophecy. Then we all go about our normal daily routines. No sack cloth and no ash. No repentance and no guilt. No turning away or fleeing from sin. In our daily lives. We do not even do things which are righteous and holy in the accepting eyes of God. Even our free vote for those who are to rule over us. Is one for the lesser of two evils.
Why do you think we are all made to vote. Especially, when there is no option to reject them all or an option to reject the vote occurrence if the population is not of a certain percentage.
Consider this. What if the ancient prophecies contained within the Holy Bible were all about today and how the people of this country. Freely choose to bring sin into their holy places. Freely Accept all teachings as truths especially if they free you from all discomfort without your purposeful action to become righteous and holy in the accepting eyes of God. Freely accept that all of the comforts and wealth of the world is what God wants for us all. Without ever mentioning that Jesus was homeless and poor. Without ever mentioning that the god of this world system of everything is satan. And satan wants you dead.
You cannot be a Christian if you do not reject and flee from all sin. No matter it's legal and lawful status. If you have no intention of leaving your legal and sinful lifestyle. Your not a Christian and your prayers are to someone who is not affiliated with Jesus. Your worship is a mocking act to Jesus.
You cannot be a Christian if you do not feel great guilt and remorse for all of the people you have harmed in your life. Being a Christian does not give you permission to divorce and abandon your old family. Just to begin a new family. 
You cannot be a Christian if you do not follow in the footsteps of Jesus. Which means you willingly choose to pursue and walk the path of righteousness and holiness as only accepted by God.
If you attend a church or even a religion which is accepting of any aspect of the LGBTQ community and their legal rights as lawful citizens. You will also be subject to every right punishment which has been spoken f in the Bible. All of those coming punishments will be much worse than it was for in the day Sodom was destroyed.

All of the answers you need are contained within. The good news of the gospel teachings is closed up. Soon the true and real prophets shall also be shut-up. Before Noah sharpened his blade to cut down the first tree. The whole of the world was already righteously Judged. Do not be one of the many standing before God. When He says I NEVER knew you.  Become one of the remnant before the next judgement's comes.
A must watch.
To love one another.

To live in peace.

To exist in harmony.

 To cherish and respect all life. 

To obey/honor the Laws of God.

 To become the holy and righteous people as The Heavenly Father intended us all to be.

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