Monday, July 25, 2016

Wrong RT Questions: (Unedited): 25 July 2016: today has posted yet another poorly phrased question. Well, in my opinion they are.
Not that I'm a good writer. I'm not.  Every offered answer is incorrect. Stop using the words terrorist and terrorism. Islamic leaders will cause their soldiers/faithful to do deeds which had already been planned out. Islamic soldiers/faithful will submit to their Islamic authority and be obedient to those instructions. There is no freedom of thought or of action in Islam.
RT asks

The number of terrorist attacks in Europe will go down:

  • 20%

    - If Islamic State is bombed into oblivion

  • 45%

    - If the West leaves the Middle East alone

  • 8%

    - If the EU gets proper transnational police and intelligence

  • 11%

    - If every European gets a handgun and is trained to use it

  • 17%

    - Never – terror attacks can’t be stopped

Why is this in error?
All of the media in the world needs to stop using the terms terrorists and terrorism. It is like calling Nazi Germany a bunch of terrorists. WW1 and WW2 was just an ongoing terrorism activities.
I myself have researched Islam from their sources and have concluded that all of these so called terrorist activities around the world are not isolated lone wolf terrorists who insanely conduct their own self defined acts of terrorism.
This is what will happen. Islam will continue their military actions against civilian soft targets all around the world including Russia and China. As everyone associated with Islam is a soldier of the faith without an official uniform. I believe what Islamic leaders say. For instance, The leader of Turkey.
“The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers.”
Recep Tayyip Erdogan
In the future. This coup in Turkey may have been an actual double coup. Meaning a group of military elements tried to take over the country and then Mr. Erdogan took over the entire nation and moved it completely away from western social influences. Christian prophecy unfolding before our very eyes.
 Opens doors for internalized attacks.
Look to history.
China is opening their borders to Islamic influence and incursion. Short term will be financially good. In the long term. China will have blood in their streets and in their places.

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