Monday, July 25, 2016

Christian Mockers: (Edited): 21 July 2016:

The professing Christians who are unrepentant and are not on the righteous path as judged by God only, mock God with their worshiping, singing praises with lying tongues, lying minds, and lying hearts. 
Christian leaders all over the world have chosen unrighteousness instead of righteousness. Christian followers are even rejoicing and are accepting of this very sinful activity. I declare to you that even if you are without sin and you celebrate sin among the professed Christian followers, when the time of chastisement comes from God, do not expect to be saved. For the Christian is to profess his faith by mouth and to live a righteous life while always rejecting and fleeing from all sin. So by simply celebrating the sin(s) of another person, you are giving them permission to continue on in sin. A REAL Christian is supposed to reinforce righteous living, to encourage their brothers and sisters in Christ to be strong and to offer wise council via the Holy Bible. Also, to offer them up with fasting and prayer.
If your congregation and/or denomination has accepted sin as a fundamental right, then depart from it. Even if your family has had a generational history within that one church, if you cannot find a church or denomination that does not celebrate and accept sin as a fundamental right, then begin a church in your home, for this is prophecy.
When it is time to leave, get up and leave. Do not negotiate and do not turn back. It is not you who has left Jesus. It was the church and denomination you once called yours.
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