Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Disobedient Laws: No Remorse: (Unedited): 30 Aug 2016:

Apathetic disobedience is when laws and rules do not apply to you.
With no urging's of remorse, No intentions for repentance, No inquiry for forgiveness, No desire for any change of righteous betterment. Your soul and entire being may have already been divinely judged. 
There is evidence to prove that a person has already been judged. The near absolute selfish desire to do whatever you may without any regard for any harm you cause to others. The enjoyment you have for causing harm becomes your own entertaining humor of how you are superior over those you have victimized. 
Have you already been judged? Do you feel genuine gut wrenching remorse? Do the memories you have curse your own soul? No matter what you do, You cannot seem to clean yourself of all the evil you are solely responsible for. There is one way and only one way. Where your sins can become more than forgotten. Where only after you have been cleansed. Can you then begin to right the evil you have created. Where you can begin to do good for all of your brothers and sisters. With a clean conscious of divine forgiveness.
Doing good works is the evidence of faith. Which is more than the writing of a check. Doing good works comes from the desire of your own heart. Doing good works is a free choice of wanting to do good works because it is good and that you desire to honor your Heavenly Father.  
It is a slave who is forced to do any kind of work. It is a slave who thinks they must do any kind of works. Your Heavenly Father does not desire you to be his slave. If that were true. Then the Ten Commandments would all be divinely judged by an absolute righteous God at the exact time of you thinking your sins. Your cleansing forgiveness begins at the Cross of Jesus Christ.
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