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Russia China V. USA War: (Unedited): 06-08 Sept 2016:

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I think when I write in this format. It is usually for others who are better writers and researchers than I am. There are no quotes that I can see. Yes, there is a quote.
Recently, unknown things have happened between Russia, China against the USA. Guess what? it is all a secret to the civilian population of the United States and Europe. The decision has been made.
War is going to happen and I'm not so certain the USA are the good guys. What I mean is, the politicians which control this nation for the benefit of the civilian population have stirred the pot for war with China, Russia, North Korea and Iran.
Additional note:
The use of directed EMP energy type of weapons will be often used in the next hot war. My use of "EMP" may be inaccurate. I see these weapons becoming a spearhead for every attack. What this means is just as technology will be used to jam or confuse RADAR's and other electronic sensors prior to or during an attack. So to will these directed energy weapons. Which seems to have been functional since public revelation around 2008. Assuming they are real. Because, there is news of the weapons system known as the "Rods of God". I find hard to swallow even though the weapons systems would or should be easy to deploy and to guide through the atmosphere.

As has been imaged in the Holy Bible. The USA is both the most powerful nation on the planet as well as it is the most helpless. All at the same time. Although not specifically mentioned in the Bible.
The military assets of the USA can project both offensive and defensive capabilities against any foe, any where and at any time. Even multiples of foes. While at the same time the north American Continent and every American state/city is mostly helpless in any defensive capabilities against any real military action. Any action above and beyond civil disobedience will be very difficult for any law enforcement agency to engage and repel. Such as the one tactically trained shooter in Dallas Texas recently.
NOTE: Law Enforcement persons:
Because of the Dallas Texas shooting of police officers.  I just cannot imagine the stress each of you are under any more. I think before I could pretend to understand. But, now. Everything has changed.
I highly recommend that each of you go out and seek training for yourselves. In hand to hand combat against bladed weapons. All manor of tactical training. Always be mindful of Islamic persons in your local gyms and dojo's. It does not matter if they are quietly working out or employed by the gym. Islamic men do have varying hair styles and clothing styles. Just as the Islamic persons all seemed to change their appearances before and after 09/11. So to will they again. It is all deception. Any Islamic person you see in a gym. They are doing what they are doing in the hopes of being selected to be a martyr for Islam. This selection is not one which they individually make for themselves. They're no lone wolves in Islam. They each must be obedient to the ruling authority of Islam. This is why they smile and are friendly. In the hope of attaining the perfect Jihad for Allah.

NOTE: Law Enforcement families: This also includes politicians, doctors, fire fighters, rescue personnel, military, FBI and other leaders of the community.
You must be aware of your surroundings at all times. You must practice lock downs within your own homes as well as in public places. You must train your children to quietly obey when the secret code word is softly spoken.
Fire arms weapons training will be necessary as well as the advancement into tactical weapons training with a focus on defensive, evading, eluding and escape thinking processes.
These words is not to instill fear within your own families and you should not instill fear either. There are ways to teach without the buildup of fear. Because, you do not want that fear based training to become a freezing moment when any extreme emergency happens. As have been portrayed in that TV show Doomsday Preppers. Even a psycho-ologist can buy a cave for his Korean wife and daughter. After which the wife had to explain why a cave may not be such a good idea. Or the guy who builds a mirrored tree house for his wife who is skeered of heights.
Those gang members and Islamic enemy combatants already know how to react in extreme situations and they are already physically fit and ready to fight in a moment. Through their own life history as they are alive and have survived it. Their Tattoos are proof of their lifestyle.
For instance: 
In other words, If any nation like (NK)North Korea can learn how to operate their submarines in blue waters and then into the Gulf of Mexico. There is nothing the USA can do to stop it. So as long as that submarine remains in international waters. (Legally speaking).
So what does (NK)North Korea have in regards to Ballistic Missile Submarines and ballistic missiles.
NK has 10 Golf II submarines each capable of launching 3 ballistic missiles. So that can be a total of 30@830+/-KT nuclear warheads capable. Assuming a certain number of those submarines were not cannibalized to create few or only one working Golf II submarine. NK has had those Golf II submarines for a long time now. Improvements in regards to reliability and modernization should be expected. To what degree? Unknown.  Except that they might be being used to launch test missiles recently. Research the news. Especially in regards to the three launches in one day.
What does this mean in the light of NK missile launches in the direction of Japan? Well, ask any doomsday prepper and they will tell you. DUH.
Anyway, they have to traverse a half of a world or more. Ships will have to be in place to service and fuel the subs. Then they will have to make it into the Gulf of Mexico and possible hide close to the shelf corners of Pensacola or Brownsville or anywhere else. Big shelf. That is what I call it. My terminology may not be correct. As long as those submarines are on the right side of the ballistics vertical launch geometry. Nothing USA has can shoot it down. Although, The USA will see an unknown target go vertical. Then lights out and all modern technology dead for 1500 mile approximate radius. Then the two remaining nukes can be used to target desired enemy assets. Assuming the subs survive their own EMP attack. It is that really easy but not really easy. Possible yes and as the years go by possible becomes probable.
There is even another way to the USA. By following the coast north around by Russia to Alaska. One can park in the Gulf of Alaska, Another can go south towards Washington state and then one parking close to Northern California. The USA will probably see it coming but so as long as they remain in international waters. You can't do nothing legally.
The established gangs around the USA will be promised powers and authority to rule however they each will it. They will become the administrators of law and justice. They will define the rights. Who has rights? and what is right? They will become the new historical heroes of the world. That is until their usefulness comes to an end. That end will come with a religious defined end as well as a racist defined end. Put it this way. Even the Islamic men of color (African American) in the USA will never attain a preferred or respected status outside of this country. It will be because they are either white, black or Latino. It is what it is. Yes, there is racism in Islam and it will be anti-black former American. In Islam a African American will always be a second class citizen or less.
The gangs in the USA will be used, armed and trained by Islam.
The gangs of the USA will target all persons in authority and those who are not of their own race. Unless agreements have been established with other gangs.
There are 809,000+ police officers in the USA.
There are about 1,150,000 gang members in the USA.
There are 3.3 million Islamic peoples in the USA. Which means about 1 million Islamic people are enemy combatants within the USA. If you have read my Islamic research in previous writings. You already know that number of 1 million Islamic enemy combatants is probably accurate on the high end. My Islamic enemy combatant numbers do not include females. Islamic females can now attain their reward in Heaven. That reward is not something I want to discuss anymore. Can you imagine up to 250,000 attacks each within the USA, Canada and Europe on a single day called a day of Jihad.
Added on 09 Sept 2016: 
When will WW3 start?  I believe it has already started. It is a slow burn fuse. No country is ready for a global conflict. Except maybe the USA with their force projection capabilities in which every other nation combined could not compare. I do not think that is boasting. As I stated above. Something unknown happened which has caused Russia and China to decide to go through with their team up plans. In which North Korea, Iran and certain South American countries will most likely be involved in. So when will this war go hot. I would think no sooner than about 2025. This is the approximate year for both Russia and China to complete their modernization's and military build-ups.
But, what does that mean for the USA? Will the USA be the first to be eliminated. In which the USA is easy to eliminate and North Korea could realistically do it alone. Assuming they can get their modernized Golf II Ballistic Missile Submarines to North America. Without detection.
I do think the end of the USA or New Israel is imminent. While the end of the world systems of control and authority will cease sometime around 2045-2050. Human extinction will follow. Then all life when the Earth will be purified and then reborn clean. How will it happen? It doesn't matter the how. It just does. The when won't matter either as Humanity will be gone.
Added on 10 Sept 2016: Anonymous - Message to the Citizens of the World V
I just found this message this morning. It is dated 04 Sept 2016: Even Anonymous suggests that the USA may not or are not the good guys. Isn't one of the ideals of being an American is that the Americans are the good guys and always have been? Or has that become a psychological point of manipulation in controlling the population into doing what the politicians desire or plan in secret? Could the Saudi Arabia attack on Sept 11, 2001 have been an actual American inside job? Could this repeated manipulation begun during the Korean conflict, then into Vietnam and other military actions afterwards?
All the while forgetting that you cannot be honorable or being known to have integrity without first being righteous in the agreeing eyes of God only.
I can tell you this. When I saw the number of apparent prostitutes with three security badges going into the Republican National Convention in Tampa Florida. I absolutely knew for certain that the claims of the Republican party of being in support of the Christian conservatives was an absolute lie and an absolute deception being ignored by the media in general. This includes those media outlets which hates the Christian agenda like CNN and MSNBC. What does this say about Fox Network which is supposed to be owned in part by Saudi Islamic interests. Then this leads to the questions as to why the Democratic party has not ever presented this easy evidence? as simply witnessed by me. A genuine nobody janitor.

Even those who support Anonymous knows that we (USA, Russia, China, world) are already at war and I agree. It doesn't matter who is right when it started. It doesn't matter who will win. It doesn't even matter who started it. The civilian populations of the world will all suffer the same way. The end result will be the same and humanity committed their own suicide. It wasn't the fault of God.
Hybrid war and little green men.
Added on 12 Oct 2016:
War to go hot soon? Do your own research. It looks like Mr. Putin is being forced into an action by our own politicians. No matter what happens. It might be a good idea to reconnect with family and friends. Offer forgiveness and make your apologies. Pray. This is one of those signs which precede a hot war. The other signs are government, military and civilian preparations for war. Which have been happening. Do your own research. All of this is still a secret to the entire American population.
President Putin recalls all Russian officials and relatives back to mother Russia. Will this be an October surprise?  Any attack to the USA cannot be prevented when the combined forces of China and Russia are mobilized. The first thing which may happen is the elimination of electricity and technology. This is an advantage that the USA has. In war all advantages must be eliminated. I think we have now crossed that point where it is now worse than the Cuban Missile crisis. I think the word Immanent. Can be used very soon.
Added on 04 May 2017:
It looks like all eyes on North Korea. Russian is massing at their North Korea/Russian border. China is said to have amassed 150,000 men all along their own border with North Korea. Russia is also massing troops in the Arctic region and in close proximity to Alaska. So will North Korea be used to begin humanities extinction process? I have read the Art of War. When you know your enemy will be prepared for war on a certain date. You should attack sooner. That date is 2025+/- a little bit for both Russia and China. Is this a ploy created by the Americans to start a war. Because not even any of the European Nations are ready for any kind of defense or attack from Russia. Israel may be the only Nation ready for war with anyone. Yet, Israel is small.
Up above. I stated we could use the word immanent very soon. Can it be used now? Because, you need to know this. When the nukes and EMP devices are loosed.  Those nuclear power plants in close proximity to the weapons used and close proximity may mean 1500 miles. There will be melt downs from many of them and a release of continuous radiation. Worse than a single nuclear weapons detonation. Russia, those threats you have made against Europe. How many Nuclear power plants do they each have and are you down wind? So do you really want to nuke anywhere in Europe? Because your own babies will begin to die and your young women will give birth to sick babies even if you do have a total victory in which songs of glory are sung.
Maybe, this is when God will purify the Earth with a fire. After humanity who was supposed to keep safe and protect the Earth. Instead humanity has poisoned and is poisoning the water and the air. The land will also become contaminated. Because, think about it. We are one species of Humanity. There is no such thing as races and nationality is only a human construct. So what one of us does we all will suffer the consequences of all of our collective actions or even inaction's. Think about that before you hide in your own DUMB COG. That DUMB COG may end being your coffin. Especially if God decides that the Earth purification process entails the entire Earth Globe is to become a liquid molten ball of fire. So how much do you love your wife, children, mother and father? Enough to stop the insanity.
Added on 14 May 2017:
It is Sunday Mothers Day. As it is reported today. North Korea has test launched another ballistic missile. There is very deep and profound meaning to this launch. One of which I'm still trying to muddle through. There are many definitions and they are all correct. The ones which are not explained are the most accurate ones. The message has been sent and on Mothers Day.
The keys to understanding the truth of this message is in the trajectory and altitude. The message is for Russia, China, South Korea and the USA. The message is in remembrance, support and a warning for each specific Nation or global organization. Primarily the message is directed at the Military and political persons of the USA.
Biblically speaking This may be more evidence to define the USA as modern day Babylon. A very powerful nation that is at the same time very nearly defenseless. North Korea just proved beyond any reasonable doubt that not even Americas most classified spy and military satellites are out of reach from North Korea. The only things which is uncertain now is terminal entry guidance or even guidance to target. If one is selected for destruction.
If I list anything in this little section. it just means it sparked an interest and may not mean anything at all. It is up to you to seek out the truth and your own direction to discover the true meaning.
Added on 17 May 2017:
I have been following the news on this North Korea Missile launch. It seems everyone reporting is concerned about whether or not a missile can reach the United States. I still do not think that was the intention of this particular launch by North Korea. I still think the message was primarily for the US Military, The CIA and the NSA. Where do they place their perspective super secret satellites? Go seek those none classified answers. If you need to know.
Just because I post any particular website does not mean it won't have it's own flavor of propaganda. Please wear your anti-propaganda glasses.
Added on 18 Oct 2017:
North Korea plans to launch new satellites for the benefit of the people. It shall become know that what is the benefit of the people s the death of up to 90% of the American population in the first year. As well as a percentage of the Canadian and Mexican populations. Due to the inaccuracies of predicting how far and how powerful an EMP burst in Low Earth orbit will be. Because of this uncertainty. North Korea will need many EMP satellites called science packages or communications devices. It may be very true that these devices will be on board but can they also hide one of those Russian EMP devices on board? YES, they can. North Korea will need EMP satellites to take out a large target list. Each place will have it's own EMP satellite to target. My list is not in any order of importance. Which will be the 2+@48/USA, ?ISS?, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Great Britain/western Europe, Japan, Australia, Maybe India. Israel. Then all the North Koreans need to do is figure out how to detonate these EMP satellite devices without causing harm to their friends Russia, China, Cuba, Venezuela, and Iran. And which ever nation I have forgotten. This is enough information for the smart people to figure out.
North Korean plans are revealed. China and Russia is to blame.
North Korea to build new Ballistic Missile Submarine. This news may be more than three years old. The media may be all panicky Pete and posting it worldwide now for paranoia effect. Maybe not.
China is still the key to humanities future. They are set to be the leaders of the world. China can be the ones who leads humanity to the edge of the solar system. All China needs to do is look up and go their with the proper heart, mind and spirit. China has rejected this so far and have only looked sideways for conflict, blood and resources. Thus, China is destined to be the prophetic trigger to end all of humanity. Who will be the one to squeeze that trigger? USA, North Korea or Russia? Or will China just squeeze their own trigger and cause the extinction process of humanity. Once that process begins. It won't stop unless an outside influence intervenes and not the ones which are already involved. For it is they who wants humanity to perish. Mr. Leader of China how is that dream? Mr. Putin, did you have one to? How about Mr. Trump? Saturn.
Added on: 06 March 2018: Just a note: RT banned me. LOL.
warning semi nude advertising. Seems to be an Anti-American rant. Nothing about how Russia gave North Korea nuclear EMP weapons as well as other advanced rocket technologies. LIKE GUIDANCE!!!!
Added on 07 March 2018:
Before any war goes hot. Humanities prophetic extinction can be averted.
If we all collectively decide without any fear's, threat's or intimidation's to follow the purple words below. Not because we have to but because it is the right thing to do. All based on your free choice.
To love one another.
To live in peace with all.
To exist in harmony with everything.
To cherish all life. 
To obey the laws of God.

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