Thursday, September 8, 2016

Self Grown Apathy: (Unedited): 03 Sept 2016:

The new calm and peace you feel especially after unresolved stresses or torments may have their origin from your own self grown apathy. 
Living in this world is very stressful. Trying to be or being successful in this world especially when you have not been properly prepared is very stressful. Maintaining profitable employment especially when the rules change every so often is very stressful. All requiring more and more out of you.
The idea that continual education is becoming a new thought to people who have never considered it as far as advancement and promotion is concerned. This just adds to the stresses.
The idea of multiple and mutually related bachelor degrees will become more desirable for first time employment. This just adds to the stresses.
Family stresses, working spouse stresses. The difficulties of truly getting to know your spouse and your children. In other words becoming and remaining in the lives of your family.
Then people resort to smoking, alcohol and drugs. Maybe, seek the stress releases of various sorts of sins. This is often times when apathy has already begun to sprout within you. All without your awareness. Even though you may say "I don't care".
Internalized calm and peace comes from you choosing to use all of your humanity. Which means not being drunk or even partially. Which means not being drugged up and it does not matter if those drugs are legal or not. Then to seek out various kinds of sins or even those sins manifest upon you out of the internalized turmoil of your life.
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